Cliche Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 48

Style SAVVY Who are the biggest style watch celebrities this season? Zendaya Coleman and Yara Shahidi have really come into their own as fashionistas, and they’re both making some of the most interesting and exciting style choices for the red carpet right now. They’re redefining how we think an ingénue is supposed to look. They both like taking risks and they each bring a Kristen Stewart-like edge to their style, but they also still like playing around with traditionally romantic or feminine looks when it suits them. It strikes us as a very modern approach. What trends do you think will be big this fall? The future is female and she will be wearing a matching jacket and pants. Pantsuits aren’t going away anytime soon. In that same vein, both a strong power red and literal statement clothing are super hot, as are big belts, accentuated shoulders, and bold plaids. It’s about being strong, declarative, and even openly political right now, much in the same way the ‘80s were. F ashion bloggers Tom and Lorenzo are the sassy gay uncles you wish you had. Their meteoric rise to fame has captured the attention of major reality TV channels (like Bravo) and stylists and celebrities alike. They have been blogging since 2006 when they launched their first site, Project Rungay, based on the TV phenomenon Project Runway. Since then, they have only gained more fame and created their site,, where they provide the latest scoop on fashion, pop culture, movies, and TV shows with their own fun and candid take on things. They have been mentioned in major magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, People, and 48 Harper’s Bazaar, and this month, we got their take on favorite designers, celebrity icons, and fall styles to watch. BY ISABELLE MONAHAN What was your very first post and how did you decide on it? Tom and Lorenzo: We started off solely as Project Runway fan bloggers, so there was never any question what the first post was going to be about—Project Runway! Our first post was a joke about season three contestant Laura Bennett, who showed up on the first day pulling a bunch of Louis Vuitton luggage behind her. We were instantly smitten and said so. What’s your favorite fashion event you’ve ever attended? Hands down: Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2012 runway show. Not only were we privileged enough to sit front row, but we were also invited backstage and got to meet the man himself and tell him what we thought of it. This was only a year or two after we went from being hobby bloggers to professional bloggers and it was extremely satisfying to us from a professional perspective, but also a really emotional one as well. We were both a little overwhelmed that day. We still talk about it. Who are your favorite celebrity style icons? Any of our regular readers could probably answer this, since we’re so obvious about it: Cate Blanchett, Rihanna WF~( BFF7vFV6bFVFV vvG'VǒVFW'7FG2f6BpFVFRBf"V7BॖRwW2&R&WGG7&F6b6R`FRFW6vW'2"6RbFRf6FBR6VR'WB^( &RWfW"Vf"FR7B'BvVBRwW26R&R&WGGvV&V6VfVB'FPf6v&CfRR&V6VfVB琦6ƖVG2g&"FW6vW'2