Cliche Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 45

of good fashion. The brand message remains the same as in the beginning of my career: to empower women through great fashion. For more information, visit What is the ultimate goal for the brand as a whole, as well as for the new collection? The ultimate goal of the brand is to create a message that is clear and understood by younger generations. That message involves all of the things that I believe in as a designer, such as the importance of innovative construction, comfort, good tailoring, and how it can all be paired up with luxury as the collection hits stores this fall. What are some of the best features of this new line? Some of the best features of the brand are the interesting shirting paired up with beautiful pleated skirts and luxurious cashmere sweaters. The use of beautiful German hardware and exotic leathers provide an edge to the collection. I see you have targeted both modern blouses and pants, but even dresses and jackets as well! What can you tell us about the fit, style, and design of the various pieces in your collection? We are going for shapes that are fluid or have volume. The tailoring is impeccable, as shown in our coats and bomber jackets made of wool with touches of exotic leathers. The dresses are long and flowing in very soft and comfortable fabrics, and our evening story is a new take on jumpsuits in luxurious fabrics, such as lurex. What is your favorite piece from the collection? My favorite piece is the cropped bomber jacket in patent leather with a silk back jersey detail and bold zipper details that run from the waist to the neckline. How is your brand something that everyday women need? We aim to dress women for the full day by bringing separates that effortlessly translate from day to night. The line is composed of both statement pieces and everyday essentials that are a must for anyone wanting to look their best. How is Verdad changing fashion for women and how is it better than the average brand? We are bet ѕȁё…ΈΡ‘”…Ω•Ι…”‰Ι…Ή)‰•…ΥΝ”½Υȁ±½Ρ‘•Μ™₯Ёݕ±°…Ή½Υȁх₯±½Ι₯Ήœ)…•ΉΡՅѕ́ё”™•΅₯Ή₯Ή”Ν₯±‘½Υ•ΡΡ”ΈQ‘”)…Ι΅•ΉΣŠéΝΡΙՍΡΥΙ”…Ή½ΉΝΡΙՍΡ₯½Έ₯́‰…Ν•)½Έ‘•Ρ…₯±Μ΅•…ΉΠΡΌ₯Ω”έ½΅•Έ½΅™½ΙЁ…Ή)½Ή™₯‘•Ή”ΈQ‘…ΣŠéݑ…Ё͕Ρ́Ύ…Α…ΙΠΈ+ŠqQ‘”ΥΝ”½˜‰•…ΥΡ₯™Υ°)•Ι΅…Έ‘…Ι‘έ…Ι”)…Ή•α½Ρ₯Œ±•…Ρ‘•ΙΜ)ΑΙ½Ω₯‘”…Έ•‘”ΡΌ)Ρ‘”½±±•Ρ₯½Έ»Št)έέάΉ±₯‘•΅…œΉ½΄(ΠΤ