Cliche Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 42

The artTECA brand has such a unique history. What inspired the idea to have limited edition prints and what is it like creating clothing with various artists? We grew up in a very artsy family and culture. We wanted to work with artists in a different medium and since we both love fashion as well, we thought of creat- ing a brand that specializes in limited edition prints. We thought to ourselves, “What is more original than contem- porary art?” We knew we could create something very special by collaborating with artists to offer truly unique, one- of-a-kind and limited edition prints in beautiful garment styles for women. What is the ultimate goal for the brand as a whole as well as for the new collection? Our goal is to reach and dress the artTE- CA woman and be successful in provid- ing her special and high-quality clothing. We want women to wear clothing that will make them feel both confident and comfortable at the same time. We do not believe in compromising comfort for style and sophistication. What are some of the best features of this new line? One of the best features of the line are the exclusive prints we offer designed in collaboration with artists from all over the world. Designing comfortable pieces that are easy to style is also a key focus of our brand. So, we created modern pieces that can be styled seamlessly with any basics you have hanging in your closet. Dressing artTECA pieces up or down is just as easy as changing your shoes from flats to heels. What can you tell us about the fit, style, and design of the various pieces in your collection? I am lov- ing the idea behind lightweight work/ event outfits that are super cute and comfy! That’s correct! That is exactly what art- TECA is all about: easy to wear modern styles that have a comfortable and func- tional fit. The collection is transitional, so you’ll always be looking perfect for any type of occasion. How is your brand something that everyday women need? Today’s everyday woman is a superwom- an. Many times, she is a mother, a wife, 42 a professional or entrepreneur, juggling a thousand things each day. Time is of the essence for women these days and 24 hours don’t ever seem to be enough. art- TECA was created to be the answer to the reoccurring question: “What I am going to wear that will be perfect for work or a professional meeting, but that I can also wear to go watch my kids’ soccer practice later today? Or maybe keep on to head to a date night or business dinner?” artTECA s implifies women’s lives by making it simple to get dressed in the morning and not worry about having to change an entire outfit. Instead, artTECA makes it easier to spend more time with the kids, your partner, or your friends— all while looking effortlessly chic. Our pieces will make any woman feel confi- dent, beautiful, sophisticated, and ready for whatever comes her way. How do you both think artTECA is changing fashion? How is it better than the average brand? The best aspect of artTECA is that it is truly unique. It’s not the same reoccurring print you find at stores and boutiques. Ev- ery piece is collectable, limited edition, and has a story behind it. artTECA has also changed the game in wearing a piece only for a particular season. We are not a seasonal brand; our pieces can be worn all year round, whether you are traveling or simply as a layering piece. The exclusivity and uniqueness of our prints is what makes each piece so special. Wearable art is the new black. Is there anything you both would like readers and customers to know about your brand? artTECA was founded out of passion for art, fashion, color, and the love of empowering women in all walks of life. We want women to fall in love with artTECA and find art within our collec- tions that resonate with their personality and perspective, and wear it proudly and confidently. Art speaks to everyone, so why not your wardrobe? What are your favorite pieces from the collection? Choosing a favorite piece is like choosing a favorite child; it’s not possible. We are in love with every piece we create. They are all special and beautiful in their own unique way, like every single one of us.