Cliche Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 24

Get the ultimate Scandinavian beauty treatment from the luxurious cosmetics brand Eleni & Chris. BY KATIE HOESLEY T Hair in the CLOUDS 24 here is truly nothing like having healthy, beautiful hair. As some- one with super-long, super-curly, color-damaged hair, I’ve been around the block when it comes to haircare products. Name an oil, a serum, a treatment; I’ve given ‘em all a shot. What I’ve come to realize during my extensive research is that products with the least chemicals, the most natural ingredients, and whose companies have the simplest missions are the best. Enter: Eleni & Chris. This Scandinavian cosmetics company, created by beauty gurus Inger Ellen and Christinah Nicolaisen, was born when the duo decided to develop a range of cosmetic products that reflected the simplistic, holistic Scandinavian approach to beauty. In a world of toxic, chemical-ridden cosmetic products, they found their niche in creating products that existed on the other end of the spectrum. Scandinavian women have a very holistic approach to beauty, balancing what they eat, their lifestyle, and what products they put on their skin and in their hair. This range of beauty products reflects that: no parabens, no alcohol, no fragrance, and no silicone. These products are high performing while remaining both healthy and mild on your hair. The best part? Their large range of products allows you to mix and match to cre- ate the perfect regimen for your own hair’s needs. What’s their secret? A coveted Scandi- navian beauty ingredient: cloudberries. Yes, you read that right: cloudberries. Although these sound like a fictional plant fresh off the pages of a Scandinavian sci-fi novel, cloudberries are actually an herb chock full of health benefits found in alpine climates, like that of the region these co-founders hail from. Three years ago, they had the idea to use cloudberries as the main ingredient in their “purely Scandinavian” cosmetics brand, and thus they began working their magic on our hair. Photographs courtesy of ©Eleni & Chris