Cliche Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 115

on Graf and even though it was difficult to uproot her life in New York, she wanted to find herself and thought Nashville would be a great place to start. Inspired by artists like Aretha Franklin and Shania Twain, Graf has always had an interest in country music. With Coleman’s huge background in producing, he had a lot of different styles to offer as well. Together, they describe their sound as “country soul, rock, and a little pop, all at the same time, all the time.” With Graf’s background in country music and Cole- man’s background in just about everything else, their combined sound is truly genuine. One of their latest songs, “How to Make Love Work,” has a real soulful feel to it. This song embodies more than making love work in a relationship; it is also about the world. With all the hate and negativity in the world, Broken Halleluyah wants to inspire people to put aside their differences and to make it work. “We are all just trying to make love work,” says Graf. “Get out there and sail your ship and if you run into a storm, just keep going and work it out.” Making sacrifices is not easy, but in order to make love work, we all have to give a little and be willing to “swallow your pride and find the common ground to love each other,” as Graf says. Broken Halleluyah has released a few new songs, including “Born Again” and their most recent song, “Soul on Fire,” which they are extremely passionate about. “Soul on Fire” is about doing what you love and what sets your soul on fire as opposed to doing something you hate just to get by. Graf and Coleman are very passionate about this song because they are truly doing what they love and see this song as an inspiration for everyone else to do what they love. Before they started releasing music, it wasn’t all fun and games. Graf and Cole- man had to make a lot of sacrifices of their own before getting to where they are today. Leaving New York was hard for Coleman because he had been there for so long, but in order to pursue his dream, he had to step out of his comfort zone. Graf had struggled to find a producer that really understood her as an artist before she met Coleman. It was a long road before they got going, but now they are working hard and don’t plan on slowing down. They are working on relea- sing an EP, getting into movie scoring, and always making new music. Broken Halleluyah wants their fans to know “we are here for them.” Through everything they go through “we are who we say we are and we are going to rock for a lifetime.” BY JAMIE GERHARTZ / PHO- TOGRAPHED BY STEPHEN H. DILLON “Moving to Nashville was more of a spiritual journey for me.” Photographed by Harley Moon Kemp 115