Cliche Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 112

BY RAGINA LASHLEY PHOTOGRAPHED BY TYLER ADAMS Out of This World 2 017 has been a special year for many artists for a variety of reasons, but for QUIÑ, 2017 has been all about her sopho- more EP, DREAMGIRL. With five new tracks including collaborations with artists Syd (The Internet), 6LACK, and more, QUIÑ continues to do what she does best: create music that everyone can mellow out to. Relatability is a learned or innate skill, and an impor- tant one for an artist to have in order to connect with their fans, and QUIÑ understands that most of all. “DREAMGIRL is for any- body who’s ever fallen in love, who’s ever been frustrated in love, who’s ever had to 112 boss up on themselves, and understand their purpose is to love themselves and the love will work,” she says. “It’s for every single body who likes good sounds.” It’s easy for some to take down lists, mark notepads of schedules a Y]܈HܙX]]BڙX YH\\]BHX[]H [][^\JBHH][ܙH[\XY]Z\ڙXPSKBT\[^[\HقX\ۘ[YYH܂URpKHܞH[\]HY[[]]\۸&]]Hˈ[Y][Y\YB][\۸&]ܙ[^Y܂۝Y [܈URpK]8&\HT\ܙX]Y ']\H[YKYܛKH\XZB˘X[XY˘BHۙ[[HYHHܞHZ[ܛYY [x&[HZK8& ]8&\][H\BZ[[YK8&x'HH^Z[ˈ8']8&\ZBܚ][H]وܙ\XY[[BY\[Z[HۙH]\KB[HY\]\[HXܙ]ܞH[YK'B\][\T [XXK[\YH\H][X\H\ۘ[ܘ^H[\وURpH\[8'H\™\X\[H][و^H[XY[][ۋZ[Y\HHXH] [[]]]][\]]ZK[B\ݙ\Y\\H[YX[ۜو^H[B\ݙ\Y\8'HH^\˂܈H\HYZY\[ [܈][]HܛHHܚY\[YB[\[\\HX^HH[\][ۈZ][™܈H]H[YZHH[KURpHY\PSQT\\][\