Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 84

SNAKE CHARMER T he words ‘Cobra Kai’ should ring a bell to anyone who remembers the classic 80s film, The Karate Kid. Well, now there’s a show called Cobra Kai on YouTube Red that’s brought the The Karate Kid story back to life. This new series takes place 34 years after the original film, and one of the most important new additions to the cast is Courtney Henggeler, who takes on the role of Amanda, Daniel LaRusso’s wife. We chatted with her about the experience working on the show. BY JUSTIN GRANT Cliché: What was your experience like working on Cobra Kai? What was your favorite part? Courtney Henggeler: It was just awesome. It was an incredible group of people to be surrounded by. There was not one person on that set that I wouldn’t want to have a slumber party and eat raw cookie dough with. My favorite part was filming the All Valley tournament. For my role, I mostly filmed with Ralph, Mary, Griffin and occasionally Tanner. I never really got the chance to see what the other side of the show was working on. Getting to see all the stunts and how brilliant Xolo and Billy was so exciting. Can you tell me about your character, Amanda, and how she fits in to Cobra Kai? She’s the consummate voice of reason. She watches her husband get swept back into this old rivalry and although at times she finds it amusing she’s also like, “Um, Hi! Are you really going to fight your high-school bully right now because you’re both 50 (years old) and this is getting weird.” ... with writing I have the creative freedom to make my own universe. What kind of response have you seen to the show? I don’t think I was prepared for the kind of response the show is getting. Of course I thought our show was fantastic, but you never know how other people will receive it. I was blown away by everyone’s reaction. People love this show! Critics, fans, people who weren’t even fans of the original…all seem to really connect with what we created. Why do you think people should watch it if they haven’t already? Billy Zabka! He will make you fall in love with Johnny Lawrence. Even if you don’t want to. What have been some other experiences in your career that you really enjoyed? I always love filming on location. It’s a different work atmosphere when everyone is out of their element. It’s a bonding experience. It’s like being at camp. My first job ever was in a movie that paid me 100 dollars a day to be tied to a tree in upstate New York. Sounds a little dodgy, but I was