Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 76

Horror Struck A manda Grace Benitez is a triple threat – the actress is also a trained dancer and drummer. Growing up with set decorator parents, she soon realized that being in front of the camera was her true passion. Her first horror project was the cult classic All Cheerleaders Die. Now, she stars as Amber in The Ranger, where an unhinged park ranger stalks a group of unsuspecting 80s punk kids through the woods. Thrilled at the opportunity to relive her high school punk glory, Amanda jumped at the chance – and left us wondering how the punks are going to escape in a pre-cell phone world. BY ERIN TATUM / PHOTOGRAPHED BY DEAN FOREMAN "If I am attracted to the story, it grabs me, moves me, then that’s it. As for portraying a role, it needs to challenge me"