Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 73

to further innovation and change the industry, which is why we also commercialize PYRATEX® fabrics to other brands who share our mission but develop other types of clothing. Who specifically is your target audience? How is your brand something that everyday people need? It is all those who feel saturated by the speed at which the fashion industry operates nowadays and the amount of waste it generates, those who expect more a name from the brands they purchase from. The search for personal and environmental well-being, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and innovation are characteristic consumption patterns of generation Y, which is why, in a more general way, it is the audience we target, although these patterns could apply to any one person from any age group. Everyday people need our brand because our garments take care of the wearer’s body, and who does not need self-care? How do you think PYRATES is changing the world of fashion? We are very conscious of the way the fashion industry is evolving, driven by its consumers’ worries and needs: tomorrow’s garments will be functional with additional health and cosmetic benefits, and we want to be pioneers in this textile revolution! You mentioned that PYRATES fits a Californian style/taste. Can you tell us more about that and the style of your designs as a whole? Can you also tell us a little more about how you compare your smart fashion clothing to the evolution of food/sleep? Our garments have an effortlessly cool and polished style, as well as a fashionable functionality, fitting right into Californian taste. As health-conscious Californians, we are using fashion as a means to better our bodies. Our collections do not follow a bi-seasonal system. We have a permanent collection to which we add capsules, always maintaining a pure, minimal aesthetic with clean cuts which highlight the fabrics’ properties and beauty in each garment. We sleep, eat and get dressed every day. Scientific advancement has allowed us to improve the quality of our sleep, and we have become more educated on the importance of a healthy diet, now living in a time of super-foods with infinite health properties. Yet we noticed that fashion hadn’t yet caught up to this health-conscious and wellness revolution. You mentioned that the photoshoot for your products was done completely under water. Why is that and what products are the models wearing? The model is wearing our Elisir shorts in PYRATEX® Cosmetic, made from seaweed fiber, rich in minerals with anti-ageing properties for the skin, as well as one of our Hoodie T-shirts made from PYRATEX® Health, an immune system and blood circulation boosting fabric. What can you tell us about the future of PYRATES and your goals for the brand as a whole? We heard you are expanding to the U.S. this summer. Can you tell us more about that - location, distributor, etc.? Our PYRATEX® fabrics could be used in the $33 trillion global fashion industry, but potentially in healthcare as well, due to the exceptional certified benefits they carry. The whole mission of PYRATES is to improve health and well-being through textile, making fashion a solution to the health and environmental challenges of our time. We will soon start to sell our menswear & womenswear collections in a multi-brand store in New York, can’t reveal the name though! We are also currently looking for a distributor in the West Coast, so if you’re interested, feel free to conta Ё̄)%́ѡɔѡ͔ԁݽձ)ɕ́Ѽ܁ЁȁɅ)=ѡɕЁɽ́ݔɔݽɭ)́ɅѥݥѠȁAeIQc )ɥѽȁEՕI܁̰ݡ)ɕٕЁȁ́ͭɥхѥ)Mхչ)]Ё́ȁٽɥєɽѡ)ѥɔѥݡ)=ȁٕͥ镐 坹́Ё́)ٽɥє%Ё݅ɵ䁕Ʌ́ѡ)ɥ́Ёѡ䁅ͽѹ́)ȁɕݥѥᥑЁչ)ѕѥAeIQc !Ѡɥ)ݡхȁЁͥ)履͠ѡѥ)ٕ呅ȁɅ)͔ȁɵ́хɔ)ѡݕɕˊé䰁ݡ)́Ё͕ɔ)AѼ ɕAeIQL