Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 55

@carringtondurham on instagram  adding your gems (if you choose to include them). Make sure to put the larger gems in the center of your chest. The further you move from the center, the smaller the gems should be. Now that your gems are securely stuck on, it’s time to go on to the glitter! In order to make the fine sparkles stick to your skin, you’re going to apply hair gel to wherever you want covered. It doesn’t have to be super thick, just a thin layer should be perfect. Once you’re covered, begin painting your chest with glitter using makeup brushes. Be patient, whether this is your first time, or if you’re a pro going for the intricate patterns. This is an art! You want to take your time. Once you’re finished and amazed with your very own glitter boobs, you’re going to want to set it so that it doesn’t rub off while you’re out in the hot summer sun. Hairspray works like a charm. Again, a thin layer should do the trick and make sure to cover your whole chest; you don’t want to leave any loose pieces. Now all that’s left to do is show off you’re marvelous work and have the time of your life at the music festival. The shocking and impressing nature of glitter boobs just proves that art is an ever-growing product of the human imagination. Fashion as a form of art is always changing and twisting. Let’s hope that these bounds never cease to push and fascinate us. BY GABRIELLA SAITTA 55