Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 54

LET THEM T SHINE here is something unforgettably whimsical about going to a summer music festival. Maybe it’s the music, or the connection to nature, or simply being surrounded by like-minded people with wild spirits and gargantuan imaginations. With so many creative minds buzzing in one place, it comes as no surprise when that artistic expression manifests itself into some odd fashion choices. Decorative, over-the-top flower crowns, rainbow-colored hair, webs of densely beaded necklaces, bejeweled eyes; it seems as if we’ve seen it all. However, this latest festival fashion trend may really be the most surprising of the surprising. We’ve all heard of the campaign to “free the nipple,” but what about the new campaign to free the nipple and then cover it in glitz and glitter? That’s right, I present to you the latest trend in summer music festival fashion: glitter boobs. This outrageous summer look first blossomed in popularity at the UK Glastonbury music festival in late June of 2017. The early summer heat and the blazing sun created the perfect storm for an optimal take off of such an odd trend. The glitter and gems seemed extra enticing in the sunshine while brave souls found the incentive to shed some skin to stay cool. People everywhere were dazzled and instantly inspired by the new, interesting fashion choice. It came to no surprise that such a glamorous and unique trend found its way over to the US a year later at Coachella. Indio, California could be seen from space with the amount of courageous festival goers wearing their glitter boobs or, “disco t*ts,” proudly and beautifully. This new summer festival fashion trend is both artistic and revolutionary. The stunning colo rs and unbelievable intricacies left many astonished while the freedom of being bare-chested gave many people confidence in their bodies and respect for each others’. The look is characterized by quite literally covering your bare boobs (or tank tops for those who are more modest) in glitter and gems. Some festival attendees 54 chose to go for a more splattered look while others decorated their chests in precision and symmetry. There are designs with one or two colors while others threw on an explosion of colors. Some people decided to create elaborate patterns with gems and rhinestones while others ditched them and focused on just glitter. Regardless, the glitter boob fashion trend is what you make of it. Each design is unique, creative, and stunning, all representing the freedom that comes with those extraordinary summer festival vibes. This look can be as easy to achieve or as challenging to achieve as you want it to be. However, before you get started, remember that this works best with a courageous heart and a creative mind. If you’ve got those, this look is definitely for you. First off, you’ll probably want a plan of attack. Decide what type of look you want to go for, what patterns you’ll want, how much of your chest you want to dazzle up, and what colors you’ll need. The next step is