Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 51

SECONDHAND NEWS G one are the days of searching high and low in small, stuffy, and crowded stores looking for the best of the best thrift at the perfect price. Secondhand market places and thrift stores have now evolved to a different platform: the internet. With constant technological advancements, this is a (really) long time coming. Secondhand online retailers have taken to the internet to resell and therefore recycle gently used clothing. Before many retailers took initiative, the only issue with online consignment was that it takes more time and resources to sell only one size of one unit. Now, online secondhand retailers are sourcing their products from customers who are not only getting a portion of the revenue, but also taking the pictures for the site themselves. Cutting out all that intermediary work saves time and money. It’s important to remember that these retailers are not comparable to your local Goodwill. One key quality that they all have in common is that they are not selling low quality secondhand items. Instead, they are selling pieces from luxury designers and upper market retailers. By doing the curating and buying themselves, customers no longer have to dig through bins or sort through racks to find a coveted luxury piece. This not only allows people to afford luxury items without breaking the bank, but is also good for the environment. The fashion industry is one of the top waste producing industries in the world. From the manufacturing to the care of clothing, each aspect causes large amounts of waste and pollution. Even if an item of clothing is ethically and sustainably made, that does not mean that the care and disposal of the garment will be sustainable. Just think of the gallons of water that it takes to wash a load of laundry. These retailers are making a small step in the right direction to aiding our current environmental situation. BY RAE CRESCAS / of clothing.The bar to sell to The RealReal is high. They will not sell lower market clothing. They operate mainly online but also have their own brick and mortar store in New York City. Tradesy Tradesy is more linnet than The RealReal when it comes to the brands they carry. Although they still have a selection of designer brands, they carry an even wider selection of lower market and even unnamed brands. However, Tradesy has more competitive pricing on designer items than The RealReal, with their clot [˜Z[[ܙH[HܛܘZ[YXX[^[[Y]X\\Yۙ\œ]\[^\KܘZ[Y\HܙX][X[ۈ܈Y[ܘZ[Y[[œ[[H\Y\\Y\YX[[]X\\HYXXK[][\][ۘ[\[ܘZ[Y\]Z[XH\›]YHوH[]Y]\˂ԐTQHUSBH HX[X[[ۛۈ܈Z\\X[ۈق^\HۜYۛY[\Y[HX[X[\ۙHوH\X[ۈو\\X\][ˈ[[]\][BYY^H[[ ^H]HH\X[ۂ˘X[XY˘BY]YY[۞X•\[Yܘ[HX[XX[^\š[[[[HYܙ\˜\[][ܚ]H[[[[HY[Yܘ[K]HZ^و^\H[^\]H[Y]YY[\]X[HX[YYXB[[ܚ\XH]Z\\Y\]HH[ۈ\]Y\Y\[^\[[ˈ]\X[HX\˜H\ۘ[Y\Xۙ[ۛ[H]Z[\\HZ[ٙ[HX\]\HYHܝ[]H܂ۛH\[\\][܈\Y\›[܈^\H]H\^[]HXB[ L