Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 46

PURE EMBRACE T he pure life; the literal translation and meaning behind Pura Vida. These bracelets and other jewelry selections are simplistically beautiful and designed by talented artisans in countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, and India. Pura Vida is not only the perfect accessory for the beach, but a great support system for artisans around the world and a brilliant reminder to take a deep breath and appreciate the simple life. Pura Vida started out as a small bowl of bracelets in a San Diego boutique. Founders Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman took a trip to Costa Rica where they met Jorge and Joaquin, two Costa Rican artisans with amazing talent, but living in poverty. Instantly being enthralled by the colorful bracelets and wanting to help Jorge and Joaquin, Griffin and Paul asked for 400 of the handmade bracelets and brought them back home to California. Within days, all 400 bracelets were completely swept away by fascinated customers. This gave Griffin and Paul the idea to start a business that represents peacefulness and thankfulness while also helping gifted artisans around the world. Now there are hundreds of unique bracelet and jewelry designs supporting over 200 artisans and their families worldwide. The braided material, 46 colorfulness, and simplicity remind each customer to love and value the smallest treasures in a huge world. Each bracelet is handmade and provides an effortless splash of vibrant color to any outfit. Even while just kicking it at the beach, these bracelets will pop against that simple sun-kissed tan. They even have a waxy coating, making them water resistant for those days where you remember to sit back and cool off in the waves. These bracelets are the must-haves of everyone’s summer. day. You can purchase your very one piece of simplistic paradise at www.puravidabracelets. com. There you can sort through rings, necklaces, earrings, and of course, bracelets. With each purchase, you are helping to Even celebrities such as Rihanna, David Beckham, and Josh Hutcherson have been seen wearing Pura Vida bracelets. It would seem that everyone needs the reminder to take it easy and treasure the simple life. In a materialistic world of demands and hustle, it’s refreshing to have a delicate message hanging on your wrist to dedicate a moment to notice the small pleasures. On top of giving hundreds of artisans steady work to not only feed their families, but their artistic souls as well, Pura Vida has partnered with and donated over one million dollars to over 170 charities worldwide. These bracelets and jewelry are not just trendy accessories; they are a minimalistic movement creating waves larger and more impactful than the Pacific Ocean waves that crash on the Costa Rican shore every single sustain an economy for worldwide artists and joining in on a beautifully simple movement towards thankfulness and serenity. BY GABRIELLA SAITTA / PHOTOS FROM