Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 44

S U M M E R T I M E With the temperatures rising, who wants to be stuck in uncomfortable clothing that is going to make you sweat even more? Shorts and skirts may be your go-to pieces for summer, but athleisure outfits offer a variety of opportunities for even the warmest of days! Ranging from racerback sports bras to patterned leggings, there are so many cute athletic clothing options available this season. Check out some of our favorites right here. BY NICOLETTE MURO Sports Bras ATHLETA Scallop Bra $59 ( Sports bra are a go-to during the summer when it’s too hot to handle wearing a regular, uncomfortable bra. Racerback sports bras redefine this piece of clothing by giving bras more style and the ability to pair them with tank tops or open back tops. LULU LEMON Energy Bra $52 ( Criss-cross bras are another trendy style that pair well with open back tops. This style comes in 9 different colors and is made with Lycra fabric that allows the wearer to breathe while exercising. Full coverage and style all in one! 44 This scallop racerback sports bra comes in three different colors and can be worn during morning yoga or a simple trip to the grocery store. The wearer no longer has to choose between their favorite sports bra and an open back or a low cut shirt because this bra is both stylish and useful. KATE SPADE Blossom Studio Legging $76 ( Kate Spade is known for her colorful, creative designs, and her athletic line does not fall short of expectations. These floral print leggings are so stylish they barely resemble leggings. Since summer is the brightest time of the year, when flowers are in full bloom, what better way to celebrate the warm weather than with cheerful clothing? Plus, they are stretchy and dry quickly, which is perfect for whisking away moisture while working out.