Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 30

VIBRANTLY LIVING W e’ve all daydreamed during our jobs of going out into the world and just doing what we love. However, the fear of quitting and not knowing what to do next can hold anyone back. How would I pay my bills? What would I tell my family? Could this work? Dreams and reality are a continuous contrast to one another, but that shouldn’t keep anyone from pursuing what’s in their heart. Hang T Nguyen of the blog, HANGTW, has proven and is constantly showing that fear is only what you feed into it; that there is a whole other world out there when you just give yourself a chance to live freely and joyously. This wondrous woman found her heart through sharing what gave her joy with anyone that was there to listen. In return, HANGTW became more than what she ever imagined. A platform that inspires people globally every day to follow their truth. Not only has her blog outreached to so many out there in need of inspiration and affirmation, but it also drove her to move forward with blogging as a career. Learn more about Hang’s brave journey as she shares wha t drives, moves and keeps her reaching for the clouds. BY VICTORIA OLMO / PHOTOGRAPHED BY KYLE AGUILAR