Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 27

clients all over the country so I travel a lot to service them. Do you have any tips for readers wanting to start businesses of their own? If you’re passionate about something and love to do it so much that you’d do it for free, just take the leap and start. Make phone calls, network, and do your research. There’s so much information at our fingertips right now. Utilize Google, or the University of Google as I like to call it, and of course YouTube. Just put in the work, test and test until your models are successful, and go for it. Was there a moment that you felt that you had truly “made it” in the industry? My aha moment is when people look at themselves after I’m done and they really love how they look and the smile that my work brings to their faces. That comes from cancer survivors who didn’t have eyelashes before me and burn victims who for them a set of eyelashes really changes their lives. Those are the moments when I feel like I’ve truly made it. Having all of my celebrity clients is great, but when I can truly make someone happy and impact their life in a big way, that’s everything. What is one of your favorite memories with a client? I actually have a funny story about twerking. My client Victoria Beckham and I were discussing its origins, like where did twerking even come from? The conversation was especially funny because of her English accent. She was throwing out phrases like “twerking in my knickers” and it was just such a good laugh. I laugh about a lot of random things with my clients. I call my sessions: "Lash Enlightenment Sessions." I become the friend they never had and we just have a blast. Since lash extensions are everywhere now, what makes your services unique to other boutiques? I’m constantly researc [[^Z[ۂو[H\[ˈZ[B\[ۘ\KH[[^\[]\H]^HY[\\KH[]X]\HB۸&]XܚXHH8'ۙH][8'B[KXHوY[[\X\\ZH[H[ۙ^KBX[]X\\]\Hۈ[ݚYH]˜[\]Z\HHXYX\Hو\܂HH]^x&\H^Z[ˈH^B\X\[YH\]H\X™܈[K\[Hۈ[Yܘ[H\x&\˜Hو\X\[[ۋX\™ܙX] ]\^[[ۜ[&]BۙH^H][ H\XXX[X[BYYZH[ۜY\][ۈZ\Y[8&\^YH\KZ\Z\^\K[^YH\K]\H^YH\Y\[ [BX[HYYZHH]Z[[˜ۜY\][ۈ[ܙX][H]و\\˂]\[H]HXZ[Z[^[[ۜ]][XY[[\X[\\”X\HY[܈Xۈ[\˘X[XY˘B^Y[\\[]ܙ\[H\Hœ\H\[\^Y\ˈYH[B[X]\H^H]H^[[ۜ]^B[&][H\Z\XK^H\\\[˜XH[\[HܙX] ٝ^Y\Y˜\X[H][Hܙ]X\و[\^Y[\\ˈ]8&\[[ZH][[\\\˜H[\ˈXZH\H][H^HH\[[Hو[\^Y[\\[\H]^x&\H[HX[[H]H[Y][XZ]\ [H]H[H\[ۈ^[[ž[\\[\“Y\H]HHو[ˈx&[H^[[š[^\]\\[&] x&[H\[B\[][[[[^HݙB[\[\HX\ٝ[ HX\]\۸&]YKH\Y\\[[[\ݚ[[[K[ۜ[Y\\H\K\K]8&\[\X]]H[O“^HX]]H[H\H[H\B[[H[] H^H]X]\HB\[Y^HZ\܈H\[YH]\x&]H[^\YH[YHK[ق\Z]]ۙZ\]^H\ؘ[[H\H[]^H[X]H\[^YX\[]\\H[H[YY][™Y\[ H[ۙHHx&[HXX[Hš[ݙH]]]]ZY[\Z[^B]ˈ]]\HXYKx&[H[[˜H[]