Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 21

RIHANNA TAMAR BRAXTON Rihanna is a style icon, known for experimenting with her look. When Rihanna started her career in 2005, her music was more dancehall and reggae. Now in 2018, she has gravitated towards pop, rap and R&B. She slowly began to build her fashion sense and enhance her beauty throughout the years. Rihanna isn’t afraid of trying new things or wearing what she believes will look amazing on her. She has worn many hairstyles, from sharp bobs to undercuts, red hair to faux locs, and many more. No matter what she tries, she always looks beautiful because she rocks her style with confidence. Rihanna has gained much appreciation after the launch of her makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Since then, her fans also look up to her for makeup tips and inspiration. Rihanna’s looks have changed over the years, but her personality has stayed the same. Tamar is known for her beautiful voice and for doing what she wants, when she wants. In March, she decided to cut off all of her hair, which resulted in an empowering and bold look. This is a major transformation for Tamar because we are used to her long blonde locks. She decided not to let her hairstyle control her life. This is a great step for Tamar, because she now has more confidence in herself and her fans are better able to see her true beauty. She revealed her new buzzcut on Instagram with the announcement, “I’m over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions hell…even my OWN feelings.” Tamar believes in herself and she is finally free. 21