Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 123

D allas-raised DJ LaTosha Duffey started DJing at night at her house after she had worked all day at a car rental company. In 2012, she decided to make DJing her full time job. Now 28 years old, Duffey has made a name for herself in a business dominated by men. She is a former cast member of Basketball Wives LA and currently lives in Dallas with her fiancé, NBA agent Iman Shokuohizadeh, and her son. Duffey is the official DJ of SlutWalk, a worldwide rally that protests against the notion that a woman’s appearance can be blamed for her sexual assault. As a mother, fiancé, women’s rights advocate and DJ, Duffey is doing it all. BY EMMA GARTON / PHOTOGRAPHED BY @denzelgolatt Cliché: Tell us how you first fell in love with music and how you became a DJ. DJ Duffey: My first love for music was more R&B, I loved Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, and Alicia Keys. When I decided to become a DJ I had to learn a lot about hip hop. I’m more of a technology nerd then a hip hop head, so learning the equipment was actually easier for me then learning what music to play. Where did you grow up and what was the hip hop scene like then? I moved a lot as a child but my biggest influence was when I lived in New Orleans. I think that’s why I twerk so much now, the hot boys era is when I learn how to dance! I remember being at my middle school dance and kids where in handstands against the wall popping their butts to hot girl. Are there any challenges to being a female DJ? I feel like if you’re a female and actually good at DJing you have an advantage. These days, female DJs are heavily requested. It wasn’t like that when I started 6 years ago. faces in the crowd and I know exactly what music to play. You are a business woman and we know you work hard every day. Your pedigree speaks for itself. What does DJ Duffey do when it’s time to let your hair down and simply relax? Where is your favorite vacation spot? I love to visit New Orleans when I need a getaway. What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies or interests that you enjoy? My free time is when I’m home and my main priority is spending time with my son and my fiancé, that consist of basketball, movies, restaurants, and hanging with my extended family. You are a very talented person. Do you have any hidden talents that people don’t know about? I’m better at photography than DJing! Check out my website I plan on going back to photography one day. Are you and French Montana going on tour this summer? If so, with who? Yes we will be touring Europe! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see all the cool places we visit! @iwantdjduffey Do you have a website? How can Cliché fans follow you? Instagram is the best place to keep up with me, and. For my latest mixes follow me on soundcloud @ iwantdjduffey Belt GUCCI Robe PRETTY LITTLE THINGS Body Suit CALVIN KLIEN Shade BDONNAS Jacket LOST BUT FOUND APPEARL Who’s your biggest female competitor and do you have a relationship with her? I am my competition, but if there was one DJ I wish I was on their level it would be DJ Khaled. We know you’re a boss and you’ve been at this a long time. How much would it cost me to have you rock my night club for 4 hours? I will only spin 2 hours max and it’s $3000 plus travel. Tell us about your latest party at Coachella. Coachella for me was amazing, I have been wanting to go to Coachella for a couple of years now and I either couldn’t afford it at the time or had to DJ somewhere else. When I got the news that me and French would be performing at Coachella I was almost in shock, I couldn’t believe my first time at Coachella would be on the actual stage! Where is your favorite city and venue to DJ and why? My favorite city to DJ is at home! The city of Dallas, there is no place like home, I love seeing the familiar 123