Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 118

FROM VINE TO STARDOM ©John Parra Telemundo NBCU Photo Bank In recent years, we have seen an entirely new way of rising to fame. And we’re talking about more than just a viral tweet that brings 15 minutes of stardom to some random profile. We are currently surrounded by an ever-increasing number of celebrities who found their start simply with the help of the internet. Perhaps the most recent example to bring up is the “Walmart Yodel Kid,” whose career started with a viral video on Twitter and grew to include a guest appearance on The Ellen Show and an opening slot at Coachella. Mason Ramsey is a few steps away from being a household name (if the household is made up explicitly of millennials, of course.) @wethannmusic ©Nicky Nelson/ WENN fame on social media is what landed her a spot on Love \][ܚۈ KY\X\ۜۈHHY[[]][B]\X\Y\HYۙY]][XXܙ[ MXY[\\[X\Hو8'ZY[˸'BHYH\[ܞH[\H&\\”]ۈY[\&KH\Yۈ[H[ LXX[[YH[H\و[H[[\[YX\&\8'\ۙ\[HݙHYx'HB][[ۈو\[XܙˈH\YۙY[ M Y[\\\ۙH[[\˂[][ܙX]\X\ܞH[]وX\ۂ[\^H\\ Z\\\H\x&\ܞK[\\\ΈH[Hܚ[˜\H\\[X[][\[ۈBX[]HXZ[ۙHو^x&\[X\ٝ[[X[H\\ˈ][Y܈\B[][ۜ[ HXYH]\[\[Y[›ۈ[K[Yܘ[H[]\ۉܙ] ]\\H]Y\]8'HH]\]˜ [H[\H\\]H[ܙYXHY\[[\^H[]HۙH[[[[ێZ\X[YYXHˈ]H[وH^K]ۛB][ۙH] YX܈܈XXو\H\\˜XY]H[Yx%\ZHH[\\X[YYXH[Y[\[\ˈX\ۈ[\^H\š\X]H\H\Y[\Έ]8&\[\XB]H[H؛H[[[[H[X\[Y[K\H\\[]X[]N\X[]B[^HH]\Y^H[[HY[]\]\[[[܈XYH[HY[[\ []ۈY[\\[ H\[YX\YXH]HH]H[XH\[BY[\[[ܘ\XYY[\ HX\و\[H]H\HH]ܛK[HYY\ۈ] []HYX\›]\H]HH\ ][\ Z\\ \]Hܙ\[ۈوX[YYXHZ[\œ\Y\]\[H\ۛ][B^HSSPHT