Cliche Magazine June/July 2018 - Page 112

the huge response they received, they slowly began to open the doors wider and wider. One important aspect to Grander is its focus on women’s sports and inspiring young female athletes. While Liukin knew her fiancé could bring in connections from the NHL, which could lead to connections in the NFL and NBA, they both realized that young boys already have plenty of opportunities out there when it comes to sports. “We felt like women’s sports are so underserved compared to men’s sports,” Liukin said. “We decided after doing a lot of research and realizing how underserved women’s sports are, we really wanted to focus on that.” Grander only has a gymnastics community right now, the obvious place to start. But with over 10,000 users and growing every day, Liukin has already set her sights on what communities they will hopefully add next. Right now, their targets are women’s soccer, women’s swimming, and figure skating. As big as the app might get, there’s no growing out of what its main purpose is. “This is the place that they’re going to come to get valuable, educational, inspirational content in order to be the best version of themselves that they can be,” Liukin said. Liukin has no shortage of impactful lessons she can pass on. One that most athletes deal with at some point is dealing with pressure. While she said that she never felt pressure from her parents to live up to any expectations, the Olympics did bring in its own unique pressure, which she found a way to deal with. “You’re representing your entire country and the weight of the nation and the world is on your shoulders,” Liukin said. “I just wanted to make people proud. But, I guess in handling that pressure, for me it was important to stick to that same plan, that same routine, and visualize and trust the process and the training that I had just done for years and years and have that guide me through.” She can also share the feelings that come with success and achieving goals, like when she won her gold medal. “It’s kind of hard to put into words, just because it was something that I had dreamed about for years and years, and then when it actually happens to you, you kind of feel like it’s literally a dream,” Liukin said. “It’s a very surreal moment, so many different emotions are going through your mind. It’s almost like your life flashes before you. All these things that you’re remembering: the people that di &][Y]H[[KH[H][H][B[&]] H[H]Y[Y]H[[H[][Y[B]][ 'BLLو\K]Z[\[\H[Z[X\]H[[\][YHHX][Y][]8&\Y[XHXZ܈\ق[\YK\HX[]Y\]\[H[[\X[ L[Z[Y\H]]^ ']\^HY\ۘ\[]\^HY\؜XB]HYݙ\YK8'H]Z[ZY 8'܈YK[[\XY[YH\܈X[HYX\[H\X[HYZY]H\۸&][HXHY\H]H\\H\ۈ]][[\X[^HYHۈH^H^H[[[ܙK'B]Z[Y&][]X\ۜ[YH\[[XY\˜XH\\[Hۙ]H\[\\Y 'Hۙ]]H[Y\X[\[\[[B[ݙYHXۙH[\Y][ܚ]K[]UK[H\YX\[H\YYH[H[H^K8'B]Z[ZY 8'][YYH\H\XK[H\XB]Z[\[\X[[\ H[]\HX[HܝXX[[ܚ]X[[[^HYH[\Y\'B]Z[\[Hܝ[]H^ܙHX[HY\[\X\]x&\[\\Y[H\X[H\[[X]B[H\[܋\][H\H[[[Z\H[ۙ^H܂YH^K']\]\YK8'H]Z[ZY 8'][\H[[\ H\›]\Hۙ\ H\[^\[ܙH^XKܘXY[ \\X[H\\X[H^]Y ]8&\H]H]H]Yۈ܂Hۙ[YNXX[HZ[XHHH\H\]H 'B[\ۙHو]Z[&\[\\\H[[HBܚYۈ]\\ˈ[[HH]YX\Y[Y\\\H\XK[]Z[[X]H[\][ۈ[YX[[Z[H[K]8&\\YHHx&\\[ۘ]BX]\ܝ[[[\[H^[\][ۋ'X]\]^x&\H[X]\]Z\Xܛ[\]^HZK]ܝ^H^x&\HH\\\ 8'B]Z[ZY 8']ڙX\Y][]H\[X[BۛXY]Z]HH]X]\H]\^H\[ۋ]\[ܙH[\H[[HYK'B˘X[XY˘