Cliche Magazine Dec 2017/Jan 2018 - Page 99

they wanted to do organically grew from there. “Originally, we had set out to write EDM instrumentals and club tracks, but I think by the second or third song idea we collaborated on, that was out the window and we were just trying things, experimen- ting, being creative,” Sencan said. “Our sound evolved naturally. We didn’t set out to make any particular kind of music, just the best music we can each time.” As far as their musical influences go, each member cites a diverse blend of artists and genres, a major reason why they’re able to create music that is a style that is so unusual and totally their own. “I love Anderson. Paak, KAYTRANA- DA, Kendrick, Mac Miller, Herbie Han- cock, Mura Masa, and that new SZA record are big influences of mine this year,” Sen- can said. “Chet Faker, Chrome Sparks, and Feist come to mind for me. Odesza and Baths, love them! Mo Vibez, Point Point, and Flume are amazing producers,” Hope said. “Some of my favorites are Washed Out, SG Lewis, Tycho, Bon Iver, Jack Garratt, Zero 7,” Ault said. For their n