Cliche Magazine Dec 2017/Jan 2018 - Page 98

A NEW SOUND A friend-of-a-friend is oftentimes some distant, unknown figure used to justify our farfetched sto- ries. For Hollywood Principle, the bandmates themselves are all friends of friends, who thankfully were all actually introduced. “Mike and I met through a mutual 98 friend back in 2014 and immediately creative sparks were flying. We had very complementary skillsets and styles and star- ted writing songs very quickly,” said Elliott Sencan. “We started looking for a singer and, soon after, that same friend who introduced Mike and I also introduced us to Kayla. We asked her to cut a vocal demo on what later would become “Seeing What’s Next” and we’ve been working on tunes together ever since.” Sencan, Mike Ault, and Kayla Hope are the three members of the San Diego-based electro-pop group Hollywood Principle. Their unique sound combines electronica with haunting vocal melodies, coming toge-