Cliche Magazine Dec 2017/Jan 2018 - Page 96

A lternative rock band Sleeping With Sirens just released their fifth studio album, Gossip, and the fans are stoked to see what else is coming. Lead singer Kellin Quinn says, “Musically, I feel like Gossip is the first Sirens record that sounds specifically like us.” The band is excited to share this new music with everyone and to get back on the road and continue touring the world. We talked to rhythm guitarist Nick Martin and bass guitarist Justin Hill about their new album and their plans for the future. BY JAMIE GERHARTZ Cliche: Who are your original musical inspirations? Who has inspired you along the way? Nick Martin: My musical inspirations are all across the board. I grew up on the Beatles and Queen, but also mariachi music and punk rock music like The Clash, Sex Pistols, and The Ramones. That opened the doors to The Misfits, Buzzcocks, and Cock Sparrer. I also got into metal music and fell in love with Pantera and Metallica and also grew up on classical music. I realized at a young age that I gravitated towards ANYTHING to do with music. I loved all of it. been in the band since the beginning so it was cool to see what they could offer. Growing as a band though, we have just learned what good songwriting really is and it’s just a better version of us. What are some challenges you guys have faced to get to where you are now? Nick: Being told “no” or being told I should do something else. Being broke, living in a van, and trying to figure out how to do this still. But for every challenge that’s been presented, it’s only made me stronger and more educated. It’s only fed my drive for what I do and continue to want to do. Justin: I think a big challenge for a lot of bands is the financial state in the beginning years of touring and trying to break the ceiling to where the group can finally break even. I remember a lot of crappy fast food, sleeping on the van floor, and coming home to bills and no money. We wrote a record in a storage unit in the middle of winter and lived in it, too. We’ve been through the ringer! “ I want people to feel something like I do when I listen to music and think, ‘Wow, how did they think of that?’ ” Justin Hill: I’d have to give my father credit for this since he was a huge music buff when I was a kid. He was always playing air guitar in the kitchen and backyard listening to music full blast. He was also responsible for buying me a bass guitar and an amp for my first local band. How do you think your sound has changed since you guys formed the band? Nick: I’ve been in the band for the last two albums. The sound has been a natural progression of where we’ve been at in our lives. I think it’s more mature and it suits us well. We’re not writing songs like we’re teenagers anymore. We’ve experienced a lot of life and our music reflects that now. Justin: I think when Jack and Nick came into the band, it changed for the better. They’re both great songwriters and bring a lot to the band in a more mature sounding way than before on previous records. I’ve 96 Tell us a little about the writing process for Gossip. Did it come together easily? Was there a theme going in? Nick: It was a long process. It wasn’t easy. And that’s EXACTLY