Cliche Magazine Dec 2017/Jan 2018 - Page 93

N orwegian pop singer/songwriter K-Syran cannot recall a life without music. She grew up with parents who loved music and filled her home with melodies every single day. Ever since, she has pursued music (and acting) as her career and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Here, we chat with the artist about what it was like grow- ing up surrounded by music, her creative process, and advice for other artists. BY MEGAN PORTORREAL Cliché: Tell us about your life in Norway. What was it like growing up? K-Syran: My childhood was filled with music. I grew up con- stantly following my dad around the house. He’s a professional musician and plays every instrument under the sun, so I was brought up on a diet of music and melody from birth. My mum is a beautiful ex-Balmain model who sang her heart out like a bird to dad’s music. I quickly learned that music fills a home with so much warmth and happiness. I feel extremely blessed to have been nurtured within an environment like that. Norway is a wonderful place for a child to grow up. I would sometimes ski to school (cross country). I would do ice skating nearly every evening. In the summer, I would have five boys ringing on my door to go bicycling. At school, I was not the type of girl who hung out, smoked, and played cool. I would play football with the boys; I think I was quite a tomboy, really. How did you first get started in music? At 7, I started playing piano, and my first memory is the piano teacher falling asleep. It was hilarious and I would keep playing very softly not to wake her up. I believe that’s why I have a very soft emotional touch to the piano. I would later reduce my teachers to emotional tears when I played a beautiful song. My last piano teacher tried desperately to persuade me to go the musical way and start the music academy in Norway at the age of 15, but I had other plans. I was going to be an actress. in one of their ballrooms and I honestly felt like I sang to the heavens. The sound just carried on and on. Can you explain your motivation for the “Temptation” music video? Because I’m an actress, I have worked with so many talented people, and one of those is British director Tracey Adam, who has her own film company Lex Filmed Entertainment. She loved the song and wanted to make this music video. I think she has done a fab job! I’m very pleased. She has managed to capture the sensuality and keep it classy. Do you have a process you follow when creating songs? Do you start with lyrics first or do you create the musical track first? It varies. Sometimes I will go into the studio and improvise a melody and the lyrics will just pour out of me with the melody. Other times, I have the lyrics and a melody will magically come out because of them. I must say writing music has given me the biggest pleasure of all and I do hope one day I can get to that place where other artists hear my songs and would love to sing them. That would really be dream come true. How would you describe your style? My style is very unique. I will never dress like everyone else. This is a great influence given to me by my Balmain model mum. From an early age, I would go up to the loft and pick out all these beautiful designer clothes she had and dress up. At school, I would wear her ol ѥհѡȁ́́)́ԁ͕مѥٔ]Ё=ͱ)ݥѠٕ役ɕͥѡͅ$ݽձ)ѡչݡ$݅́ɽՐ$ٕ)݅ѕѼѡٕ́ͅ役)ѱ䁹ٕȁձݥѠݥɱ䁡Ȱ)ͼѕȁЁѼɅɕи+q1ѕѼ)ɕЁɕ)ͥЁѡ)չ)ԁѼ)ٕ)ͥt)eԁٔɽ䁡ѽ䁽ͥ)Օ!܁ѡЁ͡ȁɼ)ɕͥͥȁͥ)$ٔЁ䁱ٔȁٕͥ5)ѡȁٕ́Ʉͼ$ɕ܁ѕѼɄЁձٽ)յѡ́ѡ٥ɽȁѡȸ$ͥɄ)͕͔ѡи)5䁑ٕ́谁չ䰁ɽ$ٕ她)ݥѠͥչͽ̸1ѕѼɕ)ɕ́ͥЁѡЁչ́ԁѼ䁕ٕ)ͥԁٔѡЁ́Ѽͥ$)ٔЁݥՕԁѼٕѠ)5ͥ䁡ٔͥѥٔՕ䁕̸)]ЁݽձȁɕٕՔݡѼəɴ)ٕٕՔ$ٔəɵ́饹́ݸ)݅丁$ٔѡIչ͔1ѡ՝͔ѡ)ͽչ݅́ͼ饹%Ё݅́ѡͅY$ͅɄ)Q́ͽѡЁԁѡЁ)eЁܸ)$ٔѕ̸'eɕ䁍ѥѥٔ)ݽեє܁ѥѥ́Ѡѕ)ͭ'eɕ䁉͕Ȅ=䁡嵽)͉Ёѡɕѥ́$хѕ她)ѡٕ݅́ե$ѡ$͡ѡݔ)ٕٔȁՅ啐ͥm1՝t)%ԁձٔ٥Ѽչȁͥ́ѡЁ݅)ѼЁхѕѡ̰́ͥݡЁݽձЁ)Mɽչ͕ݥѠQɔɔͼ͡ɭ)ѡ́ɽͥ]Ѡ䁱%ѥIɑ̰$Ѽ)Ѽѡȁѥ̸$ͼ͕Ѽٔչٔ)ѥհݽѕ=ٕȁٔѡ)䁽͕쁥ӊéЁѕݽɬͼͥѕ́Ս)eԁٔѼ٥ɕ)ܹ(