Cliche Magazine Dec 2017/Jan 2018 - Page 68

Enjoying Every Minute A fter acting in several recent highly acclaimed films like Baby Driver and Midnight Special and appearing in many hit television shows over the years, Allison King’s talent has not gone unnoticed. Now, she can be seen playing Linda Sanders in the film Thank You for Your Service and soon as Marcha Spencer in 12 Strong, alongside Michael Shannon. Here, we chat with King about her most fulfilling roles and what we can expect from her next. BY MEGAN PORTORREAL Cliché: You’ve been in films like Baby Driver and Midnight Special, as well as several hit television shows. What was your most impressionable moment and what did you learn from it? Allison King: I think my most impressionable moment as an actor was walking on to the set of Midnight Special. I was so nervous and really wasn’t sure what to expect from Adam Driver, who I only knew from Girls at the time, and Jeff Nichols, who I was such a fan of. I just didn’t know what to expect from these two, who I looked up to artistically. Of course, they were about as lovely as can be and incredibly generous and kind. And so, during filming, I learned a big lesson, which is that every single person on a set is lucky to be there and should feel a great sense of gratitude and should work to set a tone of diligence and creativity. They work hard and long hours, all in the name of creating somet rVvgVBV&&R6rvVvƲF6WBR7W&RF6V6גfV"Brח6VbF&VV&W"N( 2&r&Bb7&VFfRVPvW7BvBFFvBv&ॖ^( fRv&VBvF6RbЦǗvN( 2&vvW7BW2fR`FVFVvBRFr^( WfW f&vWCVb6W'6R( 7VvVW&ǒW&PBF22&BF'F7VFR6&V"vFSWfW"&VƗVBrvW&gVV@7F"2FRf֖r&6W726WGFrFPfW&FRb6WBr( &VƖWfW"F@f2F&V7F.( 2VFVBv&rf2W76VFǒ7FWrFFR֖B`FRF&V7F"'WBVB7F"2FR6VFW"`FR&V7BBN( 27BƖR^( &RFV cRvV^( &R6WBvRFW( &P7Fr'GB^( &RfFVBFRvFW&VfRffV7G2WfW'FW W'6FB6W@BrVvvV@BVFW67F0VR&R&W@FB&V7BpgFW"6Fr0w&VBN( 2אfVVƖrFBFRV@7F'2vRF֗&RfPFR6V6RbF0B6WBFRFN( 0vVW&W2B7&VFfPBfFW2WfW'6vPW'6FB6WBFFV"'G6( B&VǐfW'7FFRF2N( 2ƖRFP7V66V6RB2FPvW"FRv@&V7Bw&VBॖRƖF6FW'0FRf"W 6W'f6R6RFVW2ƗGFR&WBW 6&7FW#vBG&WrPFF2&S( B&VBFRvB6FW'2'FfBfRB&VVfV@'FW6RVRRfvV@B6WF6VB6&VWFgVǒvBW6FVBR&WBF0&V7Bv2FBBv2&WBFRV6VV6FRbv"fW2vRFVBFf7W2FR&GFRBv'bB&FW"FFPW&VB67BbWGFrW"ƖfRB&6@FR67BFRf֖ƖW2&6RN( 2&FW"7F'FFVBfVB6( 067&B7&VF&ǒvW&gVG26Ɩ6Gwwr6Ɩ6Vr6ХFw&W#$$DRD4TD4EU$आ#DDR4