Cliche Magazine Dec 2017/Jan 2018 - Page 60

MAN’S WORLD Photographer: TED SUN Retoucher: ALEXANDER SILKIN Stylist: A GENTLEMAN’S JOURNI Groomer: LOUI FERRY @OPUS BEAUTY, for Oribe & Tom Ford FULLY COMMITTED W hen one is fully committed to the improvement of their craft, then the opportunities will come. Mostly known for his roles as the musically talented Walter Hill in Joyful Noise and his continued role as the brave Glader Frypan in the Maze Runner series, 26-year-old Dexter Darden has been able to obtain these opportunities by always improving his craft and being the best that he can be. After starting as a talented singer, Darden transitioned into acting in his teenage years. Since FVR0vVB'GVFW27V62v&pvFVVVFfFR#"fgV6Rv6&W76Fg&R'VW#FR66&6G&2Bf&W7BvFW"আ2W6֖r#f'W&FVv6v&V֖W&RB7VF6RffW7FfF&FV0c7W&VǒrRf"6Vb'&WGFW&p27&VF&RFVBB'Fr&V&&P'GVFW2%tĔETtt6Ɩ6:vVFBRf'7BfRFP76F7F'B7FsFWFW"F&FV7F'FVB6vrBF6pBvVv2BW6VBF6WFRFR666"BRV"GFVFVBF06VWvW6VBF'V6f"G0vF7V6VVG2B&BF6V6W2BFWvVBFgVG&6W'2f"FR6BFƗfP6w267F'FVBFFF6RƗfR6w2vVऒGW&VBbBVWvVFVBWVƖpגB6FRR6BBFVB@FB7Frv26WFr6VBG'FFf &VFN( 2BbrBvB7F'FVBf"Rwwr6Ɩ6Vr6