Cliche Magazine Dec 2017/Jan 2018 - Page 42

Inspiration &STYLE Blogger Alexa Curtis shares how she turned her life experiences into a business. ©Tristan Vanterpol A powerful influencer at 20 years old, Alexa Curtis is changing the face of the blogging realm. Unlike many influencers on social media who portray the “perfect life” complete with flashy cars and an expensive wardrobe, Curtis built her career from scratch. As a young girl growing up within the public school system, Curtis experienced bullying from her peers and suffered from a lack of self-confidence as a result. Curtis’ personal troubles in her school life inspired her to begin writing. Initially beginning her blog A Life in the Fashion Lane as a positive outlet for her struggles, her blog has now transformed into a valuable 42 source for people searching for inspiration to fulfill their own dreams while doing so fabulously. From blog posts about self-love to the latest fashion trends, Curtis covers it all and invites readers to actively join her on her motivational journey as one of today’s upcoming lifestyle teen and parent bloggers. BY NICOLETTE MURO Cliché: How did your personal experiences influence your blogging career? Alexa Curtis: I come from a very small town in Eastern CT and attended public school my entire life. I always knew I was different and didn’t fit in with the traditional mold: I’d “I realized that I have the power to inspire young adults across the globe and truly help them feel more confident in their bodies and follow their dreams.”