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4 5 Red Lips with Liquid Eyeliner I love a red pout with liquid eyeliner, so obviously, this look had to be first. To get a smooth line, pull your eyelid taut (but don’t tug as this will lead to wrinkles over time) and begin with small strokes. Fix any mistakes with a cotton swab. Urban Decay Cosmetics Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette, $55, Metallic Eyes With so many adventurous metallic eyeshadow palettes out there (think Colourpop’s Golden State of Mind or Heavy Metals from Urban Decay), creating a shim- mery eye look is easier than ever. Keep the rest of your makeup neutral so you don’t overpower the eyes. 6 Dark Lipstick Dare to be brave with dark lipstick for the night. There are tons of dark lipstick colors out there, so make sure to pick the perfect color for you. If you stick with lighter colors in your day to day makeup, I recommend not spending too much since you’ll only be using it for special occasions. MAC Lipstick, $17.50, Nude Lip with Smokey Eye This smokey eye isn’t nearly as dramatic as the one we covered previously on this list, but it’s still just as gorgeous and a better fit for those of us who prefer neutral tones. Blend a matte dark brown in the crease and keep it light on the lid. Rim your waterline with a black eyeliner and finish off with falsies and mascara on top and bottom lashes. Choose a glossy nude lip to finish off your look. 7 ©Kaci Baum/Unsplash ©LASHFOOD “No Makeup” MAKEUP TRICKS L et’s face it: mastering the “no makeup” makeup look can be more difficult than we anticipate at times. To achieve the perfect “no makeup” look, consider changing up your skincare routine by incorporating products from DAPHNE and LASHFOOD. Once your skin is healthy and prepared, let LASHFOOD and La Roche-Posay invade your make- up bags with gentle skincare-infused makeup to give you a flawless com- plexion. Read on to rock a beautiful “no makeup” makeup look with products that help you achieve the perfect mix of casual and put together for the season. BY NICOLE SARULLO Start With The Basics DAPHNE Perfect Illuminating Facial ($365): Facials are as good as they sound. Allow your skin to be cleansed, exfoliated, and fresh with DAPHNE’s Perfect Illuminating Facial. With this comes a lifting technique by using highly concentrated products, anti-aging eye treatment, and non-surgical facelift toning. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to radiance! Continue reading this article on, keyword MAKEUP. 23