Cliche Magazine April/May 2018 - Page 62

following HER HEART' s DESIRE C liche Magazine interviewed an inspiring upcoming artist KATHLEEN FARLESS. L.A. based Singer-Songwriter, Musician and a Producer. "A Balancing Act". Cliché: You were born in the Philippines and where were you raised? Has your heritage influenced your music? Kathleen Farless: I was born and raised in the Philippines and I’ve been in L.A. for almost 18 years now. Filipino music is fascinating to me, it’s timeless and sentimental most of the time. I truly believe that my heritage had a huge part in my song writing. Actually most of my strong songs were soft ballads, but since I would like to be away from that sad love song feel, I really want to have my own unique sound and move towards more of an upbeat, pop rock, a