ClearWorld September 2017 - Page 9



International News: Vietnam

ClearWorld is now sending units to an island off the coast of Vietnam, Phú Quốc. We will be providing resilient power that doesn't exist today. We are starting to see more and more application uses and requests from islands for our product. Our product offers resiliency and soon we will be presenting to 13 country leaders throughout southeast Asia for areas that don't have access to light. Our product is perfect for countries including some with islands that have natural disasters and Hurricanes because it can withstand almost all weather conditions in part to the aerodynamic design.

ATCO Electric

In Cold Lake, Alberta, ClearWorld is now partnering through a supply contract with the electrical utility, ATCO Electric. There will be a first phase pilot program Retroflex 40W LED street lights installed in two different test locations in Cold Lake Lloydminster Alberta. Our Retroflex equipment has proven to withstand and operate in extreme temperatures by insulating the battery packs and electronics.

Mercedes Benz Plant

ClearWorld is shipping our units to the Mercedes Benz Plant in Tuscaloosa. Sustainability plays an important role for Mercedes Benz. Their corporate strategy includes sustainability targets and we continuously strive to reduce the CO₂ emissions and energy consumption with more efficient processes in product development. They also focus on environmental protection as a whole. Sustainable buildings lead to reduced costs, satisfied employees and fewer environmental influences.