ClearWorld October 2017 - Page 7


There will always be those who claim that the costs of moving to cleaner energy sources and reducing carbon emissions are too high. But the U.S. has improved air quality in ways in which the benefits greatly exceed the costs and replaced ozone-depleting chemicals, all while the economy has grown.

Today, wind and solar power prices are now competitive with fossil fuels across Texas. Across the country, these industries already employ far more people than coal mining. Electric cars may soon be as affordable as gasoline ones and be charged in ways that help balance the fluctuations in wind and solar power. Only someone profoundly pessimistic would bet against the ability of American ingenuity to repower our economy.

Hurricane Harvey exemplifies the risks we all face – and a more dangerous future if we don’t take actions now. More people and vulnerable infrastructure exposed to more frequent and intense hazards equals even greater risk for us in the future. The time to rethink the equation is now.

ClearWorld's flexibly wrapped Solar LED street lights not only add value for lighting roadways but provide a resiliency measure when the grid goes down. One of the best smart city technologies offered by ClearWorld is the ability to provide 80 hours or more of backup power to city infrastructure during power outages which greatly enhances city resiliency. Our team is happy to educate you on the Solar LED process, the installation, and what to expect from our products. ClearWorld, with the use of its RETROFLEX® and other related game-changing alternative energy technologies and solutions, proves time and again vast benefits for the environment, economy, and society.