ClearWorld October 2017 - Page 5


Unlike floodwaters, the risk of historic storms isn’t going to recede . Warmer atmospheric and ocean temperatures due to greenhouse gas emissions means heavier rainfall from greater amounts of moisture in the air and worse storm surges from higher sea levels. These two factors worsened Harvey’s impact in Texas – water levels were roughly a half foot higher and one degree warmer than just a couple decades ago – and scientists say warmer air and oceans have made Irma much more powerful.

Past Storms Provide Lessons For The Future

Fortunately, lessons from past storms provide clues for utilities and their customers on improving grid resiliency . During Superstorm Sandy, which knocked out power for 6 million people across 24 states and caused $50 billion in damages, customer-sited generation kept power running for the largest U.S. residential development, at New York University, and across Princeton, New Jersey. During these trying times, generation can provide hope and needed resources to people recovering their losses.

Sandy led New York State to begin its Reforming the Energy Vision proceeding to invest $30 billion to establish a cleaner and more resilient distributed grid, and spurred New Jersey to invest in distributed clean energy generation and storage at critical state facilities and along transportation infrastructure, including a first-of-its-kind system designed to keep passenger trains operational in the event of grid failure.

The need for local distributed energy and microgrids increases with every “historic” storm that hits the U.S. and its utilities, but technological advances combined with price declines mean energy storage is acutely positioned to fill this gap. By embracing new technologies and clean energy generation, utilities can improve their bottom lines while making the communities they serve more resilient and confident in the face of natural disasters.

ClearWorld’s Smart City Initiatives provides better security with smarter lighting and remote surveillance camera monitoring. At nearby parks and campuses we will provide security and emergency call buttons on light poles and USB charging stations options. With the use of RETROFLEX and other related game-changing alternative energy technologies and solutions, proves time and again vast benefits for the environment, economy, and society. Beyond these immediate, short-term results, the use of ClearWorld’s technology has a much broader range of long-term benefits. Crime rates have decreased, as city streets remain lit throughout the night. Local governments have the ability to re-allocate funds to meet more of a city’s socioeconomic needs. Renewable energy sources also stimulate economic growth, creating new jobs in manufacturing and installation.