ClearWorld November 2017 - Page 7


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“What news outlets called the “perfect storm” was in fact the perfect demonstration of the need for resilience.”

The proximity to the Gulf and the meandering waterways of the Mississippi Delta made New Orleans an economically attractive place to build a city. At the same time, this proximity to the water, and the natural wetlands and features that make up the landscape, made it an environmentally challenging place to develop. To recover from Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans and its residents had to do more than just build back as it was before—they needed to address the deep-seated challenges the city faced and build resilience for future disruptions of any kind. In Louisiana, this meant bringing together engineers, elected officials and community members to build green infrastructure in and around the city.

Our country's uncertain future with regards to natural disasters and recovery response makes it all the more important to invest now in sustainable energy solutions. With the correct LED and solar-powered products, we can speed recovery time, restore lighting more quickly, provide necessary healthcare to those in need, and more.

From an economic development standpoint, these cities would also benefit from the cost-effectiveness of ClearWorld technology. When a city is being revitalized, oftentimes those first few dollars of the budget go toward installing new streetlights to improve public safety. Existing infrastructure can be outfitted with our flexible solar panels, regardless of size or diameter. This practice will greatly reduce installation and maintenance costs.

ClearWorld’s RetroFlex light poles improve safety in public spaces with the ability to provide off-grid lighting for playgrounds and trails. When rebuilding it is important to think about resiliency. ClearWorld’s InterGrid solution is an energy storage microgrid technology solution. InterGrid is an intelligent solar lighting system, designed to use and store solar power to provide backup power to municipalities and utility companies.