ClearWorld November 2017 - Page 3

Over the next several months we will be focusing on climate change challenges with articles relating to impact of the environment, resiliency, and LED lighting. As with these articles, there are several other highlights and strategies that we are focusing on and implementing. Our Solar LED lighting solution with battery storage as an off-grid solution requires no additional infrastructure. This enhances your savings and will provide immediate relief to get you over the threshold of a project while enhancing your offering.

At ClearWorld, we provide clear and insightful industry news every month through our Digital Publication. This comes to you through no obligation. The topics that are featured relates to Sustainability, Resiliency, LED Lighting and Smart City initiatives. Some of which are concepts, initiatives or being implemented today. All valuable information from a big picture perspective or world view to keep you apprised. Thank you for joining this movement in hopes that you will find value in what really matters to many like is to continue to make a positive change.