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ClearWorld is pleased to introduce our new design concept for the Mercedes Benz Corporate Plant. Customized based on the similar style of the new Mercedes models, we centered the infrastructure around a sleek, homogenous look of the white body style with stated dark accents much like the luxury brand. At ClearWorld, we continue to focus on providing customization and innovation to reflect our clients' high standards of sophisticated appeal.

Mercedes Benz is also parallel to ClearWorld in their mission and corporate strategy: including comparable growth targets, environmental production, reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption with more efficient processes in product development. Sustainable buildings lead to reduced costs, satisfied employees and fewer environmental influences, which we find advantageous to cultural caliber in any size corporation.

Mercedes Benz Plant

ClearWorld has partnered with 32 LED Manufacture Representatives Agencies in the last 75 days. These LED Manufacturing Representatives are now focusing on Clearworld all around the United States. ClearWorld is also working with a 3D printing company to provide models to our representatives so they can present our innovative technology to them.

ClearWorld Manufacturing Representatives