Clearview South November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 89

businessnews New retail brochure Halo, a brand of The VEKA UK Group, has unveiled a newly updated retail brochure. The glossy 32-page ‘Designed for Living’ brochure showcases the comprehensive range of windows, doors and conservatories that Halo systems are able to offer. A valuable sales tool in the Halo marketing range, the new brochure features stylish imagery and highlighted information about the levels of energy efficiency and security features that can be specified. Other updates include: explaining the frame style options, showcasing the extended colour range and detailing the various hardware choices. The information is presented in a ‘jargon-free’ format to help guide homeowners in choosing the perfect home improvements for their property. Sales and Marketing Director of The VEKA UK Group, Colin Torley, explains: “We felt it was time to update Halo’s retail brochure to showcase the broad product range currently available from this well-respected brand. We are committed to offering the best sales tools for our customers to attract new sales, and a large part of this is making sure our marketing materials reflect the quality of our products. This brochure is a glossy update that shows off Halo’s varied product range in a simple and accessible way.” Halo, 01282 716611, STRONGER PROMPT PAYMENT CODE Commenting on the Business and Skills Minister, Michael Fallon MP speech to Conservative Party Conference, John Allan, National Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said: “We welcome the recognition from the Business Minister of the importance of small businesses for growth and employment, and his commitment to do more to encourage enterprise and remove barriers to running a small firm. That is the strong voice our members need at the heart of Government. “One issue that needs to be tackled, and highlighted by the small business people speaking to Conference, is the serious impact late ‘It needs to be able to stop any big business that tries to squeeze their small suppliers by extending payment terms’ payments can have on cash-flow. It means firms struggle to pay their suppliers on time and in some cases can mean they struggle to pay their staff. “What we need to see is a much stronger prompt payment code. It needs to be able to stop any big business that tries to squeeze their small suppliers by extending payment terms in some cases to as much as three months. “To help new entrepreneurs start up, keeping the landscape simple for Government schemes to help is important, this is why the FSB has called for a Small Business Administration, modelled on that in the USA, so new businesses can get help and advice they need to get going. “The support from Government to help businesses get off the ground is welcome. The Minister’s support and focus on small firms shows he is listening to their needs.” SMALL FIRMS SPEND HALF A BILLION ON TAX ADMIN PER YEAR New research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) shows the UK’s small business owners are losing around 12 days a year keeping on top of their tax administration costing them half a billion pounds per year. The FSB’s findings show that half of respondents spend between two to eight hours per month understanding, calculating and completing tax forms. A further 11 per cent spend between two and six days per month, hindering their efforts to grow their businesses. To read more, visit More than three quarters (77%) say they spend up to £5,000 in addition to their tax bill paying professionals and for software so they can keep up-to-date with their latest obligations. Further analysis of the data shows that around two thirds of the respondents estimate an annual cost of £3,651 spent on tax obligations, accumulatively this means a minimum of £490 million per year is spent in additional costs. Worryingly, almost a third (30%) of firms say that cash-flow problems have prevented them from paying their taxes on time, while one in five (19%) say that difficulty understanding what is required or confus ?????fW"??V?BFFW2?2?V?BF?W?( ?fR?@??FR?????????F????6??&???fVFW&F?????b6???'W6??W76W2?6?C?( ?F?W&R?fP?&VV????r?'V????r?77VW2v?F?6???W?F??7FGW6W2?b??^( ?&R6??RG&FW"?"'V????r??6?'?&FVB'W6??W72?7&VF??r??R?Wp?F?7?7FV??&V??f??rF?R6???6Rv?????P??B6???W"??Bv???g&VRWF??Rf?"'W6??W76W2??v?f??rF?V?F?RF??RF?w&?r?( ????b#0???????