Clearview South November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 83

installersupport WINDOW INSTALLERS: ARE YOU MISSING OUT ON A CHANCE TO SELL MORE TO THE SAME CUSTOMERS? When you run a window company, you’re well aware that finding new customers is important. Some companies, especially in the business-to-business sector, can happily exist for years selling to the same small core of clients. But in the window trade, when your customers are homeowners, there’s a limit to how many times you can go back and keep selling to the same people. Once they’ve bought all the windows and doors they can afford, it’s going to be a while before you can sell that homeowner anything else isn’t it? As any business adviser or management consultant worth their fee will tell you, it’s very important that you don’t neglect your existing or recent customers, the people you already have a relationship with. If they’re pleased with your service, then you have a much stronger chance of being able to sell them something else and you don’t have to start from scratch with ‘warming them up’. Quite often, staying in touch can mean sending an email or leaflet with the latest ‘special offer’, a price discount or some seasonal promotion. But what if you could let them know about something a bit different from the usual marketing noise window companies make? Something that’s interesting and of real value to them? There is a wide range of components that can be retro-fitted to existing windows in order to enhance their functionality or security. Turn restrictors and brake stays can often provide additional convenience and prevent damage, preventing a sash opening too far and the handle hitting the wall, for example. Child safety is a very important area. Roto makes Tilt&Turn handles that can easily be retro-fitted and which prevent children from being able to move a window into the turn mode. This avoids a situation in which a child could potentially fall out from an upper floor. Anti-jemmy devices help improve resistance to break-ins, and can be added to virtually any existing PVC window or door, as well as many timber frames. If you were to provide choices and make customers aware of benefits that other window companies are not bothering to talk about, could that not help give you an advantage? Roto publishes a weekly blog at http://www. NEW MTC SKILLS CARD FOR THE GLAZING INDUSTRY Industry Qualifications (IQ) has joined forces with leading glazing sector Certification Bodies BM Trada, CERTASS and Assure to develop an MTC Skills Card scheme for the glazing industry, designed to assess the site operative Minimum Technical Competence requirements for both Competent Person scheme membership and PAS2030 certification. Site operatives in possession of the MTC Skills Card are able to demonstrate their occupational competence to consumers, employers and Certification Bodies. The IQ MTC skill cards will be available for both surveyors and installers and can be achieved through possession of an approved qualification, or a multiple choice test and on-site assessment. IQ will administer the assessments, assessment records and the production of the MTC Skills Card on behalf of the appropriate certification body. Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ stated, “The MTC Skills Card and multiple choice assessments due to go live in November are very ‘The MTC Skills Card and multiple choice assessments due to go live in November are very competitively priced’ To read more, visit competitively priced. The scheme design allows each Certification Body to set its own pricing and delivery method for onsite assessment. We believe this offers both a rigorous and flexible method of delivering the Government’s new requirement.” Jason Clemmit, Managing Director of CERTASS welcomed the announcement saying, “We are delighted to have helped create a powerful platform for an industry wide scheme along with IQ and other UKAS accredited Certification Bodies.” Jon Osborn, Chief Operating Officer of BM Trada agreed, saying “by working together we have been able to pool our expertise to develop a robust and credible scheme. It is a clear demonstration of what can be achieved when those with the best interests of the industry at heart join forces.” ‘We are delighted to have helped create a powerful platform for an industry wide scheme’ Austin Greene, Technical and Compliance Manager at Assure said, “This initiative heralds a real change in the composition of the qualifications markets in the glazing industry, embracing the past but providing a future underpinned by choice and quality provision.” NOV 2013 83