Clearview South November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 80

CLEARVIEW EXCLUSIVE installersupport MARKETING ON STEROIDS Salestracker is transforming sales and marketing As Insight Data launches its 3rd generation Salestracker, Clearview magazine takes a closer look at the system in an exclusive series of articles… Salestracker combines a prospect database of potential new customers in the trade and commercial sectors with a state-of-the-art sales and marketing software platform. It is now used by over 600 organisations and professionals across the window industry, from international systems companies to small, local suppliers. Salestracker is a web-based sales and marketing software, which means users can access the system from any Internet enabled computer, laptop or tablet computer; at the office, working from home or on the move. The system is pre-loaded with highly detailed information on up to 64,000 potential new customers (depending on your subscription). Users simply log on, and instantly access their prospects, fabricators, installers, local builders, house-builders, main contractors and architects, all of which are continuously updated live in real-time. Last month we looked at how Salestracker helps sales people get sales-organised, prioritise their time and smash sales targets. In this second article, we focus on marketing, and how Salestracker can help suppliers improve lead generation and marketing resu lts on even the tightest budget. Use anywhere, be everywhere Jenny is the marketing manager for a company who supplies fabricators and installers. She co-ordinates all the company’s marketing activity, supports the sales team and works with customer services. The company uses Salestracker across the business, the sales team have access to the system on their laptops, and customer services use it to record customer contact. Jenny uses Salestracker continuously; from creating and managing marketing campaigns to analysing sales results for the MD. ‘Salestracker isn’t like traditional CRM systems’ “Salestracker isn’t like traditional CRM systems, because it’s pre-loaded with really detailed prospect data and because Insight Data’s research team keep the information upto-date behind the scenes it means I get much better results from all my marketing.” Jenny uses Salestracker to build highly targeted prospect lists, in a few seconds she can create a list of Rehau installers in Yorkshire buying in 25 – 50 frames per week, or a list of local builders around their new trade counter in London. These lists can then be used for personalised direct mail, email marketing and telesales, and can be ‘pushed’ to other members of the team, such as a sales rep. Any number of lists can be created and saved, and they can then be linked to a ‘campaign’. “What is really clever about the lists is that they are ‘dynamic’. Once I’ve created a list, Salestracker automatically updates and manages it, adding in or removing records depending on whether they meet the lists’ criteria.” “When our marketing activities generate sales leads these are added to Salestracker simply by clicking a button and assigning a lead source and a sales person. The lead is also linked to a campaign, so I can see how successful each campaign is, both in leads and revenue.” A sales pipeline tracks progress of sales leads, from initial contact through to converting to customers including monthly or annual spend. This is a powerful tool to drive sales and help with sales forecasting. Salestracker even reports on sales conversion rates and length of time to convert leads to customers. Part of Jenny’s role is supporting the sales team on the road, and Salestracker’s built in Task Manager and Document Vault are ideal. “Once the sales rep visits a customer, they update the customer record straight away on Salestracker and can send me tasks, for example send a confirmation letter or marketing material. The Task Manager lets the rep know when it’s been actioned, and I can attach copies of documents directly to the record on Salestracker so everyone knows what’s going on.” For Jenny, the Dashboard gets her a snapshot of all marketing activity; “When I log on in the morning I can see all our leads, customers, prospects and also keep an eye on dormant/ previous customers. I use it to create new sales leads, but also to improve existing customer relations and nudge previous or dormant customers back into action. For me, Salestracker is a prospect database, CRM system and a personal assistant all in one.” In next month’s Clearview, we’ll be taking a look at how Salestracker helps the management team take control and gain a 360 view of all sales and marketing activity. If you’d like to know how Salestracker can help your sales and marketing, contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or email 80 NOV 2013 To read more, visit