Clearview South November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 74

energyefficiency CALL FOR CHANGE FOLLOWING LATEST GREEN DEAL FIGURES Following the recent Government statistics on Green Deal and ECO (Energy Company Obligation), the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) remains adamant that the Government has to change Green Deal in order to make it workable for the Glass and Glazing Industry. The latest Green Deal figures were released on 19 September 2013. On seeing them Nigel Rees, GGF Group Chief Executive commented, “It is unfortunate that our predictions for the last few years are turning out to be accurate and that Green Deal and ECO is simply not working for the glass and glazing industry. The Government needs to act swiftly to turn these figures around.” Giles Willson, GGF Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Technical Affairs commented, “The Green Deal is not only too complicated and unattractive to consumers but it is also not necessarily improving energy efficiency in homes. To have only 51 window installations out of almost 195,000 measures shows that Green Deal and ECO is not delivering the whole house approach. Is there really any point in getting loft insulation if the property is losing heat through energy inefficient windows?” To read the report in full visit: government/publications/greendeal-and-energy-companyobligation-eco-monthlystatistics-september-2013 ‘REGULATE AND INCENTIVISE’ FOR BETTER ENERGY EFFICIENCY More than half of small building firms back a requirement by government on homeowners to make energy-efficiency improvements when they extend their home. This would result in more work for their business, as long as any regulation was introduced alongside financial incentives to help pay for the work. Brian Berry, the Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), said: “Following a thorough consultation with FMB member firms, we believe the Government should re-evaluate the need for a consequential improvements regulation, but only alongside a significant financial incentive for energy efficiency. This could take the form of a reduction in VAT on home renovation and repair, variable stamp duty or variable council tax.” ‘Simply not attractive’ Berry continued: “We still want to see government introduce financial incentives to increase uptake of the Green Deal. At present, the Green Deal is simply not attractive to most people. The Green Deal must not be left to fail, which is why additional incentives are needed.” Berry added: “Further to that, government must invest the money collected via carbon taxes in a publicly funded retrofit programme. Low-income households cannot afford to retrofit their own home and are unlikely to sign up to a scheme like the Green Deal. Therefore government must commit to a public spending programme to lift significantly more households out of fuel poverty and support those who are unable to pay for this work.” REINVENTING THE HOUSE OF THE FUTURE BRE’s pioneering future-focused Integer House, built 15 years ago, has undergone an extensive retrofit and renamed The Smart Home. Through a joint BRE and British Gas project, it has been re-equipped with a host of ultra energy-efficient features and functions, making it super fit for the future. Using cutting-edge technology, design and building techniques, the innovative retrofit has made the house 50% more energy efficient and halved its carbon emissions, upgrading it from an E to an A/B EPC rating. The house has a new-to-market solar thermal system, and an integrated PV array has been installed 74 NOV 2013 into the conservatory glazing to generate most of the home’s energy requirements and shade clear glass against excess heat. Doors and windows have been replaced with the latest uPVC double glazing incorporating recycled uPVC. The very latest Velux windows have been installed, and the front door showcases new generation electronic locking, including a car style remote key. Kerry Pollard MP said “Energy costs are at the forefront of p V??^( ?2??G2??r?BF??0??77VR?2??f??r&?v?BWF?R??F?6?vV?F??F?R6?'B???R???F?F?fR?2???"7FW?f?'v&B??6V7W&??r&V?Wv&?RV?W&w??B???7BW?6?F??rFWfV???V?Bf?"%$R?( ??F?&VB??&R?f?6?Bwwr?6?V'f?Wr?V??6????