Clearview South November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 60

CLEARVIEW EXCLUSIVE glass&sealedunits INTEGRAL VENETIAN BLINDS – SOLUTIONS! There is a definite interest in integrated venetian blinds in preference to external blinds, particularly for conservatories and bi-folding doors. Whether it’s the opportunity to show-off with a new sophisticated and stylish innovation, or the obvious advantages of blinds contained within the sealed unit in an Argon environment, integrated blinds are winners all round providing a solution to traditional problems with blinds. They don’t get damp, dusty or dirty and they can’t be abused by little hands or paws. Here, Phil Grimes, Sales Manager for Corby based SunShade Integrated Blind Systems, tells Clearview about the benefits for installers and homeowners alike… “There are many advantages to integrated venetian blinds that might not be obvious on first-look. They can offer: • A stylish and safe blind solution • An improvement in acoustics • Additional privacy due to the edge-to-edge slats • An improvement in energy ratings through a reduction in heat and solar glare • A blind that is totally sealed within double glazed unit without compromising the integrity of the hermetic seal thus oblivious to dust, moisture and abuse • No looped cords to get tangles, dirty or fall off the unit. Cords also have the disadvantage of presenting a possible safety risk for children or pets. • A magnetic drive system that is easy to operate and gives longevity and safety over the cord operated systems. The magnets retain their magnetic properties, are hygienic and are simple and quick to operate. • Suitability for residential, 60 NOV 2013 commercial, educational and medical environm ents As blinds are delivered in the format of a standard 28mm sealed units they are ideal as replacement sealed units. All that is needed is to remove the beading from the window concerned, replace the sealed unit with the blind unit and rebead. Job Done! For the installer, integrated venetian blinds are an ideal opportunity to add value to a conservatory and all types of doors, especially bi-folding doors. Blinds are quoted based on glass size, so window installers can quote a job for replacement units with blinds without even going back to site. Both Venetian and Pleated Blinds are supplied in a range of colours, which are different for each type of blind, ensuring that there are blinds suited to almost every type of environment. The most popular blinds supplied are with magnetic controls. However mains or solar powered motorised blinds can also be supplied operated by remote control. All blinds are bespoke made with sizes ranging from minima of 300mm square to maxima of 1500mm wide and 2500mm high.” Author – Phil Grimes Phil is the Sales Manager for Corby based SunShade Integrated Blind Systems, which specialises in the nationwide supply of all types of integrate venetian blinds. For more information Phil can be contacted on 01536 268419 or 07917 715123. To read more, visit