Clearview South November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 59

timbernews 20% increase in sales Finding quoting time consuming and not always accurate, Simon Phillips of Oakleigh Joinery investigated Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS). The deciding factor came when he began to lose orders to a competitor already using JMS, who wasn’t cheaper but customers had more confidence in his ability to do the job simply because of the professional looking detailed quotations! Simon returned to joinery seven and a half years ago after an eight year gap working as a civil engineer. He started Oakleigh Joinery in 2009 working from his garage and now occupies a workshop of over 2000 sq ft, employing two joiners. Oakleigh Joinery manufactures a wide range of bespoke timber joinery such as windows, doors, staircases, screens and gates. Realising that he was missing out by not having JMS, Simon booked a demo and was convinced. Not only can JMS cope with the complex joinery that Simon produces, but it also provides accurate costing of each item with true scale illustrations on the quotation, so the customer knows exactly what they are getting. Simon’s previous trial and error method of costing and typed, wordy quotations couldn’t compete with the professional and accurate quotations generated by JMS. Purchasing JMS 10 months ago Simon now has the confidence to know that his prices are accurate. He says, “If a customer says he can get an item manufactured cheaper from a competitor I can easily go back to JMS and check my costs and mark-up. If it isn’t possible for me to make it cheaper I ask the customer to check if they are being offered a comparable product!” Simon adds, To read more, visit “That has happened to me and I still got the order. JMS gives the customer confidence that I know what I’m talking about.” The proof is the 20% increase in quote to order conversion since having JMS. Specialising in high performance windows, Simon has a regular customer who requires his windows to have as low a u-value as possible. Utilising the JMS Automatic U-Value Calculator built into the software Simon is able to adjust the window specification at the design stage until it meets the customer’s requirements. This allows him to tweak the glass and frame to get the best possible value. JMS’ u-value certificates and detailed reports also provide the customer with all the evidence they need that the windows or doors comply with the correct standards. The software provides time and cost savings throughout the business. Simon says, “With JMS cutting lists, the bench joiners can scan the job and then go straight to the wood pile. I have far less interruptions and questions.” Jobs are completed quicker now because the joiners can get straight into production and productivity is monitored more easily with each job having a target time for production. All reports are generated automatically within JMS, reducing duplication of effort and reducing mistakes. Simon has seen a reduction in wastage by faxing the cutting list directly to the Sawmill. For a recent job that required a ton of Douglas Fir there was no wastage at all! As a result of receiving the detailed glass reports from JMS, the glazier is able to deliver the glass all nicely labelled so that the joiners know exactly which piece of glass is for which item in the job further saving time. Simon concludes, “I like the speed, efficiency and versatility of the software. Now when a customer changes their mind it isn’t a problem: Production isn’t delayed at all.” He adds, “The software works brilliantly for my high performance windows and I don’t know how I would supply u-values without JMS.” Introduced for the 1st July legislative change, Joinerysoft’s JMS also includes CE marking with u-value calculator, and Factory Production Control System. What is unique about the software is that all this is calculated on the fly for bespoke or custom timber joinery. By building in to the software the complex calculations required for BS EN14351-1:2006 & A1: 2010 means that during the design stage manufacturers can already see if the window or door will be compliant and if necessary amend the section size, glass or any other component in order to guarantee compliance – without having to test a single window or door. Verified by BSi – a UK notified body for CE marking, the software provides an affordable method of providing u-values and CE marking. Oakleigh Joinery, Tel: 01453 731710, Email:, Web: Joinerysoft Ltd, Tel: 01608 643302, Email:, Web: NOV 2013 59