Clearview South November 2013 - Issue 144 - Page 36

doors&windows RAISING THE BAR In recent years Georgian style windows have become increasingly popular with both planners and homeowners alike. Since their introduction into the frameXpress portfolio the company has seen a steady increase in demand over the last 12 months as customers have grasped the added dimension this brings to their business. The astragal bars can be fitted to any product to enhance the look of windows, doors, French doors & conservatories, giving them a traditional Georgian appearance of individual panes. Those available in the frameXpress range are available in white or woodgrain foils and are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Most recently these were incorporated into a renovation project in Cambridgeshire where planners had stipulated that all replacement windows must be sympathetic to the original appearance of the period home. The astragal bars were securely fitted using clips, which were wrapped around the sealed units while the centre clips incorporated a specially developed adhesive that sticks to the glass in all weathers. Ian Davis, Sales Manager at frameXpress comments, “The astragal bars make an ideal solution for customers working on renovation projects as they provide the traditional Georgian appearance that so many planners require.” frameXpress: 01952 581100 LEADING THE WAY WITH A+ AND A* ON EVERYTHING Synseal has become one of the first system suppliers to achieve the new BFRC A+ and Certass A* Ratings for its entire range of window profiles. The award means fabricators can gain a licence to use the coveted labels on any window made and glazed to a specified design without the need for further testing. Greg Tabberer, Synseal’s R&D Engineer in charge of WER simulations said: “Homeowners are putting more and more priority on energy efficiency and the use of these labels will give any installer a massive edge over competitors with lower ratings. “Just a few years ago we saw the boost that the standard A Rating gave to any products displaying the label. Now we are seeing it happen all over again with A+ and A* and Synseal fabricators and installers will be able to make the most of this valuable sales tool.” Greg also confirmed that the A+ and A* ratings will be achievable with double glazed units as well as triple on all four Synseal systems, SynerJy, Shield, Legend and the VS, though triple glazed is expected to be the far more popular option. Homeowners see and feel the difference JP Davis Home Improvement, a CWG Choices customer, knows first-hand the difference SWISSPACER warm edge spacer bars make to windows. Proprietor Jim Davis recently installed SWISSPACER sealed units in his own home and was amazed at the improvement. He says: “You really can see and feel the effect of SWISSPACER. It eliminates the cold and draught at the edge of the window and creates 36 NOV 2013 a comfortable indoor temperature. Because SWISSPACER keeps the edge of the window warmer than aluminium spacer bars, you don’t get any condensation on the inside of the window either.” “Homeowners are becoming more and more heat-savvy so SWISSPACER is a fantastic selling point. Once we’ve explained the benefits – lower heating bills, fewer draughts and no condensation – they’re always ready to buy!” SWISSPACER is made of an insulating plastic composite material that acts as a barrier to stop warm air escaping through the window, making windows more energy efficient and reducing heating bills. It keeps the edge of the glass at a constant warm temperature to prevent condensation forming. SWISPACER’s High Tech Gas Barrier stop 100% of gas leakage and moisture penetration through the spacer bar too, so windows go on performing for years. Visit or call 0845 601 1265. To read more, visit