Clearview South May 2014 - Issue 150 - Page 64

How installers can benefit by using an A-Rated fitting system for A-Rated windows By Alistair Inglis – National Sales Manager, illbruck (pictured). We all know that there are heat savings and cost benefits associated with fitting the highest rated windows now offered by window manufacturers, (A or A+ on the BFRC’s WER scheme). Technological advances over the last few years have been phenomenal, including triple glazing, metallic coated glass and the filling of sealed units with inert gases such as argon. So why do installers continue to fit these hi-tech windows using yesterday’s ‘silicone only’ sealing technology? Why not give an A rated window an A Rated installation? The solution is already out there, and it’s the norm for domestic windows in continental Europe and increasingly commercial windows in the UK where weather tightness, thermal efficiency, air tightness and acoustic properties are all important in reaching the highest building standards such as Passive House and BREEAM excellent. illbruck has developed a simple system based on using impregnated tapes and an expanding polyurethane foam that gives the benefits of both thermal and sound installation in addition to weather and airtightness. But looking at this from the installer’s point of view reveals a win/win situation for both the installer and importantly their customers. 64 Firstly site trials show that installation speed is 20% faster per window for a competent fitter once they get used to using the products in the system. This means that the installer can get to the next job faster. Also you can fit an impregnated tape system in all weathers, no need to wait for the rain to stop (which could be hours). A silicone fitting provides a great opportunity to “get it wrong”. Does every installer always apply silicone perfectly and consistently to the correct depth? And whoever was sent to the supplier, did they pick up the correct silicone type for window installation? It’s an easy mistake to make but using the wrong product has big implications. With an impregnated tape system you know the joint is being filled to the correct depth with the right product time after time. You can see the product expanding to fill the gap between the window frame and the finished wall. This includes large variances in the wall which would normally need filling with mastic or cement. Less opportunity for a mistake means less call-backs, less remedial work, and ultimately less cost. An impregnated tape system also lasts longer than silicone. Every installer has seen silicone that has peeled away, or bubbled and degraded. Impregnated tapes simply last longer and look good too, and as they are flush with the joint not likely to be ripped off by an over enthusiastic window cleaner. Finally, would your customer pay a little extra for an A-Rated window installation to match their A-Rated windows? To the installer the cost of using the A-Rated system works out at about 1% of the entire job cost. But many installers regard an impregnated tape system as so good that they offer it as a premium add-on giving that extra bit of profit opportunity. The benefits to the consumer are obvious, a window installation that will perform as it was originally intended with no leakage of heat around the window joint with the brickwork, and guaranteed weather tightness. And it’s quieter too, with substantial acoustic advantages. This is what customers expect from their new A-rated windows purchase. illbruck’s pedigree is important. We are the undisputed market leader, with over 80 years’ experience, and every year illbruck sells more than 100,000 Km of impregnated tape. That’s enough to go round the world two and a half times. The A-Rated installation system for domestic installers is an adaptation of a proven commercial system that’s been successful for over a decade. There are hundreds of thousands of successful installations all over Europe, and technical support, backup and training are all available from a UK based distribution centre and sales and marketing team. So why not join the growing number of installers offering an A-Rated installation for A-Rated windows? For more information, call us, visit our website, or see us at the FIT Show which features our “Have One On Us” offer. Fit your first house with an A-Rated installation for free. 024 7685 5557