Clearview South May 2014 - Issue 150 - Page 20

INDUSTRYNEWS The Secret Is Out The secret is out and Truedor the new composite door range from IG Doors is set to make its entrance at the FIT Show in June. So what is Truedor and why has IG Doors decided to enter the trade market now? Truedor is the brand new composite door range from IG Doors designed specifically for the consumer market. It is an entirely new range of doors with over 30 exciting new styles and more to come, and over 50 glass patterns, all available as standard. IG Doors has been manufacturing doors since the 1970’s, in fact for over 35 years and currently produces in excess of 2,500 doors per week. Richard Kirman Sales and Marketing Manager for IG Doors Trade Division takes up the story. “Despite our size we have recognised for some time that we were actually missing out on over 50% of the total available market through not working with the trade sector. As a business our philosophy is to continually move forward and to continually invest, and entering the trade market was the natural progression for us”. Getting it right from day one Richard continues “I was recruited in May 2012 to set up the new trade division with a clear plan from the outset to ensure that the sales, marketing, production and administration functions were separate from our existing operation. We understood from the outset that the lead times for the trade market would be very different to those of our existing client base and we have planned accordingly”. 20 MAY 2014 “Prior to making a single Truedor we have set up a separate production line which gives us an increased machine capacity of over 25% to take on board the new product range. This has been a part of our planning process and in numbers terms it means we can immediately produce 600 doors per week as a result of the investment we have made and with further investments available to grow capability as we need it”. “We can also produce pre-routed slabs for the fabr icator so they can manufacture their own completed door stets for sale to their trade installers should they wish to do so”. Room for another player… with a difference “We have no doubt that there is room for another significant player in the market. The market is growing and will continue to do so, and for the earlier players into the sector there are, as in all industries new challenges to face, changes of ownership to bed down, and a realisation that the end market, the consumer market, is very different today than it was even just a few years ago”. “Our core strength will be our service levels and our communication style. Installers dealing with Truedor will have a 24/7 personalised answering service to support them; we believe offering this is key to supporting businesses which are very often out on site during the day and which need the option of communicating outside of normal office hours. It is our intention to fully engage with and understand the installer market, their needs, what works for them and how we can make their life easier. Our approach will be to be friendly and professional and to work hard to develop good relationships with our customers. It is our service levels and communication style which will make all the difference”. Radically Different – the consumer is our target “Where we believe we are going to be radically different from our competitors is by targeting the consumer from the outset. Our intention is to develop a genuine consumer brand which will see homeowners asking for Truedor by name, and which will give installers of our product the opportunity to capture market share against their competitors”. What can we expect from Truedor at The FIT Show? “We are really excited about the FIT show, and the opportunity to showcase our range of composite doors to the trade and fabricator market for the first time en masse. As well as our own stand we are a main sponsor of the Master Fitter Competition which will give installers the chance to see just how good our doors are. Our intention is that by the end of the FIT show everybody will know all about Truedor from IG Doors”. Truedor from IG Doors is on Stand 234 To read more, visit