Clearview South March 2014 - Issue 148 - Page 76

hardware&security NO-GO GLASS WINDOW LOCKS - SIMPLE, UNIQUE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE The best inventions come from personal experience and it was through his previous jobs both as a double glazing installer and later as a “window doctor” that David Murphy, founder of No-Go Security Products, came up with his simple, unique but highly effective idea. In the course of his work, David had noticed how often he was being called out to replace glazed units that had been removed by intruders. It wasn’t difficult to see how easy it was for burglars to gain access to a property fitted with unsecured externally beaded PVCu double glazed windows. David saw how distressing these incidents were for the householders concerned and gave the problem some serious thought before he developed the concept of the No-Go Glass Lock. Like most of the best ideas, the concept is a simple enough one. One of those products that make you wonder why no-one had thought of it earlier, in fact. No-Go Glass Window Locks, which are manufactured in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire and are protected by patent, consist of two parts. The lower base part is bonded to the glass using a specially developed bonder. Once bonded correctly it is impossible to separate the glass and the metal base. A second ‘shim’ is screwed to the base which locks around the window frame. This shim is designed to fit virtually all window frame profiles. With the panel locked to the frame in at least two corners (but preferably all four) it is not possible to remove the panel without breaking the panel. This requires considerable force, is likely to make noise and shatters the inner glass pane. To remove the glass completely the intruder needs to break the outer pane and climb through – a big deterrent. It is important that the correct installation procedures are closely followed, but Phil Brown, the company’s technical consultant, has made this easy with an on-line video tutorial and an instruction manual downloadable from the website (www. For security professionals who have not yet discovered the advantages of these products, they are well worth invest Y