Clearview South March 2014 - Issue 148 - Page 70

hardware&security ABUS Launches BSI*** Euro Cylinders ABUS as a lock manufacturer was founded in Volmarstein, Germany some 90 years ago in 1924. The focus was originally on making padlocks, but by the 1970s in Europe euro cylinders had become a major part of ABUS production. The European market for euro cylinders has developed over several decades with ABUS making many highly intelligent cylinder systems to make the “brain” of the security for many millions of European domestic doors. Parallel to this cylinder, brain-sophisticated door furniture has ensured better security for European homes and other buildings. The UK euro cylinder market has followed, but has tended to take up lower priced solutions for domestic doors. Consequently, cylinders often stand out from the door handle making them vulnerable to ‘snapping’, and, given the vast majority of UK domestic doors and cylinders use 70 MAR 2014 a standard ‘1A’ section, equally vulnerable to ‘bumping’. As a result of these concerns, the BSI developed stringent UK standards to identify cylinders that either are anti-bump (BSI*), and if proven to be both antibump and anti-snap are awarded the prestigious BSI***. Unfortunately, as ABUS’s European market simply does not need to protect cylinders from either bumping (as there are hundreds of different sections widely sold across Europe), or snapping (as correct size cylinders are supplied with continental high security door furniture), ABUS’ need to develop a BSI*** cylinder was restricted to the UK market alone. INTRODUCING THE E90 BSI*** range In the company’s 90th anniversary year, however, ABUS is very proud to launch to the UK market their E90 BSI*** range of euro cylinders. Two special features distinguish the ABUS E90 BSI*** range. All double cylinders have the bene