Clearview South March 2014 - Issue 148 - Page 69

hardware&security Jacklocs - saving lives in all walks of life, worldwide Award-winning safety device Jackloc is a common sight in tens of thousands of homes across the globe. But the original, award winning universal window restrictor is also fitted in care homes, hospitals, hotels, schools and universities all over the world. ‘Jackloc supplies a diverse range of sectors’ Jackloc supplies a diverse range of sectors with its unique lock, which is designed to reduce the risk of falls and improve security wherever it is fitted. The British, family-run firm achieved record sales in 2013 as it celebrated its 10th anniversary. Since setting up in 2003, the company has grown year on year, selling Jacklocs in countries as far afield as Russia, Australia, Mexico and Arabia. Jacklocs have been taken up by a number of major hotel chains, as well as guest houses, B&Bs and independently run hotels. They have been fitted in The Ritz in London, The Dream Hotel in New York and all 20,000 Travelodge rooms across the UK. Educational establishments have also recognised their safety value, with Jacklocs fitted in numerous nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and different types of student accommodation. Clients include the University College of London and Liberty Living, which has installed the locks in all its student residential premises. ‘Fitted to all types of windows and doors, old and new’ Jacklocs help to keep potentially vulnerable people safe for many health and care organisations across the country, including NHS buildings, major care groups, privately owned hospitals and independently run care homes. Jacklocs, which limit the opening of windows and doors to 10cm – are simple and easy to install. They can be fitted to all types of windows and doors, old and new, including wooden, steel, aluminium and UPVC materials. They are available in three different designs – key, pushand-turn or permanent fixed cable. Jacklocs come in a range of colours and finishes and can be customised to fit in with different decors and corporate branding. To find out more, go to or call 01455 220616. Jackloc is the original, award-winning universal window restrictor It is simple, strong, exceeds the most rigorous safety standards and can be fitted easily to any window or door. Available in various colours, it allows windows to be opened safely and securely, reducing the risk of injury and fatality from falls from windows. Available in three designs key release, push-and-turn release or permanent fixed cable. Made in Great Britain, sold worldwide CALL US TODAY 01455 220 616 AND VISIT WWW.JACKLOC.COM To read more, visit “the price of safety cannot be measured” MAR 2014 69