Clearview South March 2014 - Issue 148 - Page 62

conservatoryextra Supalite Equals Super Roofs roof2roof are transforming conservatories for all year round use. As manufacturers for more than three decades now, Absolute Window Co, one of the North West’s premier suppliers to the trade, has witnessed numerous changes and developments in the market. Always with an eye for product innovation, two and a half years ago, they began installing the Supalite tiled conservatory roof system and, impressed by the product’s credentials, applied and got a licence to manufacture the system themselves. Now the Worsley, Manchester-based company’s own brand ‘roof2roof ’ is taking the trade by storm with Supalite. “This is a system that can transform a conservatory from an unused wasted space to a virtual home extension that is versatile, comfortable and fully usable all year round,” says Jim Dance. TEMPERATURE CONTROL “Stabilising temperature control has always been one of the biggest factors with conservatories,” he says. “As a result, for so long, many of them just remained sadly unused. But these issues have been addressed by the Supalite system which offers many of the benefits of an extension. It is a structural system, a quality product that is not cheap – but is still far cheaper than a traditionally built extension - and we believe represents an excellent investment to the homeowner. “Because this product is all about insulation and not just a cosmetic home improvement, the VAT rate is just 5 percent from the installer to the consumer, which is an added sales incentive. 62 MAR 2014 “With a U value of just 0.18 it will reduce energy bills so ticks the energy efficiency box. Large rooflights can be incorporated to allow in light but not glare, and the roofs also look aesthetically pleasing. NO CONDENSATION, NO MAINTENANCE “There is no condensation problem thanks to airflow throughout the system. A choice of tiles is available and these offer the advantages of a secure roof – an important factor with the strong winds we are subjected to nowadays. The tiles also come with a 40 year manufacturer’s guarantee and no maintenance is needed after installation “Structural posts with bolt in corner mullions will offer reinforcement where this may be necessary,” Jim added. Some of the issues that arose in the past which limited the use of conservatories for many householders – in particular, such as conservatories that were too warm in summer but too chilly in winter - have been addressed and today’s customer can be assured of an additional room that is versatile all year round – obviously making them a better product and consequently an easier product to sell. A VITAL COMPONENT With climate change and energy efficiency very much on everybody’s agenda right now, many people considering upgrading their existing conservatory will be looking at the different roof options now available. Clearly, the roof is a vital component that needs to perform satisfactorily whatever the weather. roof2roof offer a full back-up service to their trade customers too. “We are happy to help our trade customers in any way we can,” said Jim, “we regularly hold Open Days here and offer training and demonstrations to help market the product.” With so many conservatories just waiting to be transformed, there is a lot of business out there. Currently, roof2roof is covering trade customers in the North and Midlands. If you are located in those regions and want to find out more about how these products can substantially boost your business this year, call 0161 793 1166. To read more, visit