Clearview South March 2014 - Issue 148 - Page 57

conservatoryextra The Guardian Roof is the only approved* and guaranteed solid conservatory roof in the UK... No wonder it’s the market leader and the country’s best seller! Since launching in 2011, the Guardian Roof system has continued to have month on month sales increases and the prospects for 2014 are likely to be even better. With an established network of fabricators, more and more installers and a huge consumer demand, sales of Guardian’s unique system are quite literally going through the roof! Fully tested and approved for both thermal and structural standards, the Guardian system is a high performance insulated roof comprising of a preengineered lightweight frame, two layers of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood, a vapour membrane and a choice of external tile finishes. One of the key advantages of the Guardian Roof above any other similar system is that it’s the only one to have been Officially Approved for installation throughout Great Britain by the LABC and LABSS, which means that if there were any customer concerns about building regulations or standards they can easily be dealt with. With a Guardian roof, the old conservatory gets a new lease of life and becomes an integral part of the home, looking more like an extension than a conservatory. The Replacement Market There are a huge number of conservatories in the UK with either glass or polycarbonate roofs and with that, there are an awful lot of frustrated homeowners. In the winter months, conservatories are notoriously difficult to heat up and in summer, it’s just the opposite but it is not just the fluctuations in temperature: traditional roofs can be very noisy, especially when it is raining and the acoustics inside a typical conservatory are often harsh and echoey. In simple terms, the Guardian Roof system has been designed to replace the glass or polycarbonate roof while retaining the existing windows, doors, frames and With the Guardian Roof in place the conservatory becomes an family-favourite all-year round garden room, warm and cosy in Winter, nice and cool in Summer. To read more, visit walls. At the same time providing substantial energy cost savings. It is fair to say that up until now, many families don’t really get the full value out of their conservatory. Well, all that changes when you replace the old roof with an attractive, thermally efficient, Guardian Warm Roof… Kingspan, who are experts in thermal efficiency themselves, have been heavily involved in providing Guardian with the U-Value calculations and in producing the various reports, which is another important selling point and rather a nice touch when talking to potential buyers. Homeowners love their new conservatory and virtually every one of the letters and emails that are sent to Guardian say much the same. Here are some examples: “We’ve never felt warm and comfortable in our conservatory until now...” “The new conservatory roof has completely changed the way we use our room...” “I can’t believe the difference it’s made, thank you...” The new-build opportunities With the Guardian Roof as part of your portfolio, your sales team can offer the warm roof option when quoting on newbuild projects and there is almost guaranteed extra profit and more commission – it is a really brilliant option to sell and the benefits are very easy to explain. There is already a huge demand for the Guardian Warm Roof and your company can join in the success now, while it’s still a relatively new phenomenon. HUGE DEMAND WITH EASY TO SELL BENEFITS By adding the Guardian Roof to your product list, you’ll be able to go back to all those people who bought a conservatory and show them the difference a solid roof will make. The roof can be created to suit virtually any house style or neighbourhood with a choice of colours, materials and bespoke options, such as roof windows, a choice of internal finishes etc. By being a part of “Team Guardian” your installers and fitters will be fully trained in the practical issues of replacing an existing roof and fitting a superior Guardian Warm Roof Find out how you can be part of the “Team Guardian” call or email today – it could be the best thing you do this year. *The Guardian Roof has both LABC and LABSS type approval which covers the whole of Great Britain. MAR 2014 57