Clearview South March 2014 - Issue 148 - Page 56

conservatoryextra MODERN CONSERVATORIES - THE AFFORDABLE SOLUTION TO THE UK’S SHRINKING HOMES Britain has a problem. There has been a 14% increase too since the recession hit in 2008, as more grown-up children simply cannot afford to move out – while more return home, having failed to gain a foot on the property ladder. In fact, since 2008, one in five UK households “has been forced to modify their homes to create more space.” The average UK family home has “shrunk” substantially in the past decade. In this article, Howard Hirst, Sales Director at Liniar, puts a convincing case for how changing households can modify and expand their living space without the expense and hassle of a built extension. Modern homes are without doubt, getting smaller. Our new builds are now the smallest in Western Europe, according to RIBA, 80% smaller, for example, than those in Denmark. Research by LV= home insurance says that the average UK family home has shrunk by two square metres in the past 10 years. ...WE HAVE THE AFFORDABLE SOLUTION For a lot of families looking for more living space, conservatories are the affordable answer. The right conservatory is much more affordable than a traditional extension and in most cases, you don’t need planning permission. BRITAIN HAS A SPACE PROBLEM... I believe that with the right products, the Couple this shrinkage in living space with the conservatory market will grow in 2014 and rise in multi-generational homes, where two or 2015. Indeed the conservatories market more generations Clearview Magazine new style ad.pdf 1 on the move, as fabricators and is already 20/09/2013 12:27 RA ad of a family live together, and installers remember that - on average - every conservatory roof sells with eight windows underneath it. At Liniar Zoom we have been working on making our innovative, trouble-free conservatory roof even better, and February saw us launching a host of new conservatory developments to Liniar customers. We believe it represents a sure way for them to boost sales. Interested in Becoming a Roof Assured Registered Installer? C M Y CM MY CY CMY K With a comprehensive training and ■ X\